Saturday, October 07, 2006

A subliminal message from Miss Littles

Wednesday night I was listening to the last Sunday’s sermon on the way home. We needed to be sure that the CD was ok. As I listened to the sermon here is what took place.

"Most of us are busier than we want to be. You feel like your kids schedules are out of control"
I agreed.
My son spoke "Yes thank you"
"We have within in us an"
"I want a puppy"
"We want to please our parents"
"I want a puppy"
'I spent hours and hours and hours'
"I want a puppy"
"I loved the thought of mattering"
"I want a puppy"
"This sets me apart this helps me to matter."
"I want a puppy"
"One of the reasons I spend so much time preparing sermons"
"I want a puppy"

Now by this time I’m in full laughter.

I think she wants a puppy.

It’s a very good sermon I’ve listened to it twice after, I didn’t hear "I want a puppy" not once on this CD


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she needs a puppy! Will she get one?

Milly said...

No she has a big lack and silver German shepherd. No way am I ever going to do the puppy thing. I like foster parenting the big dogs.

DugALug said...

Is your daughter talking to mine?

She wants one too.

God Bless

Hudson said...

Hudson says, she may want a puppy. Dog to human, listen well.

byevad said...

Milly, I'm with you on the fostering thing! We got our big boy when he was 4. Instead of adding a puppy, we took in a ferret that needed a home as pet #2!