Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fish fry thoughts

At the fish fry Saturday I had several discussions that were interesting to me so I thought I’d share with you. I’ll skip the football ones. Some are OU and some OSU fans. OSU folks were happy with beating Nebraska. I spoke about how Drew needs a team around him. Then walked away from the rest of the football talk.

Politics were discussed and those I was talking with agreed so no big discussion this time.

We talked about birthdays, with several this month and mine approaching. I laughed and said I don’t mind having a birthday it beats a dirt nap. My older cousin agreed he’ll see fifty soon enough. My younger cousin said she’d like to get it over with, she’s in too much pain. I can’t think of wanting to leave yet. I have so much to do. What about my children and what about grandchildren? I’d like to meet some of you folks. I want to see a whale, I want to touch one but the laws are strict. I have a bunch of stuff to keep me on this earth for a while. I think several of us were stunned at what she said.

I spoke to my Baptist cousin about being baptized and about women in the church and Bible. We disagree on baptism and agree on women being able to preach.

I came home to find a birthday card from a high school friend. She always remembers my birthday. It’s a holiday so it’s easy to remember. You’d think I remember her’s, what with it being ON THE SAME DAY! Now I have to rush out and get a card in the mail. Doh!

I thought about fellowship and being together, we seek out companionship. It’s the way we are created, God wants us to have each other to talk to and be with. Even those who trek off to the woods for solitude find something for companionship, an animal of some kind to relate to if there for a long while. A beautiful fall day with children laughing and playing, friends and family lovingly teasing each other. We were missing those who are gone now and those sitting by a bed waiting for the last breath to be taken and the grieving to begin. We pause for a moment when my aunt calls herself "The Favorite Aunt" Now the only one for my cousin, I have two of those ornery ladies to love left, my mom’s siblings are dwindling in numbers. We ask about our uncle and how he’s doing. It’s an aggressive cancer. I was glad to hear that some family members are giving up smoking. It’s hard but so worth it.

Thanksgiving is discussed it’s time for the younger women to step up now, I promised to cook what was needed for a traditional meal. Life yields to the changes our families make but only for a moment then the seasons change and you morn no more, there is no crying in Heaven.


Karen said...

What a great post!

I'm praying for your cousin.

Anonymous said...

You need to write poetry young lady

Anonymous said...

Milly help there is this young man
(chance) left a comment on my post "another silly statement" feel free to answer him. In your best christian democrat way. Ha :)

codepoke said...

We pause for a moment when my aunt calls herself "The Favorite Aunt"

I wish I could tell you how much I enjoy your family ramblings. You are so very, very good at making the story happen for us.

Thank you for all these little treasures.