Thursday, October 19, 2006

I’m a lazy woman today

For real it’s after one and I’m in my Sock Monkey PJ bottoms. So you know they now have Sock Monkey sheets that match, that’s good news because it would be like camouflage, where do I start and where do I end?

Where are the children? Gone that’s right they moved out for fall break.

So here I am just laying round not doing much of anything. The reality is that soon I’ll be cleared for work and boy is it gonna kill me when I go back. I like to work in an area that keeps me moving. I predict aching feet and tired legs. My lungs are better but I still get a bit winded at times.

I need to do some things around here I just don’t want to. I have dinner planned I made soup yesterday so it’s leftovers. It’s cooler in Oklahoma these days so soup is what we need.

My dad for some odd reason decided to set up a fish fry for late October I’m hoping the weather isn’t too cold for everyone. We could eat inside except that it’s about sixty people. He has trained the younger men to cook so they could stand outside for us. Here’s the cool thing one of the guys I grew up with will be there. I went to kindergarten with his brother. My mom was their babysitter, that gave us lots of time together. They use to introduce her as the woman who raised them. She treated them almost as she did her own. We were punished harder.

I’m already tiring of politics. With the elections rolling faster towards us it’s as if we can’t escape it. As some of you know I come from a political minded family so the talk is always in the room at gatherings. I’m sure my brother is working hard to see that the Democrats take over. I find that I’m disillusioned these days. I was shocked to hear that young voters aren’t voting. What a disappointment no matter what your party belief is you should study, get an opinion, and vote. I was proud to vote. Heck I campaigned for Carter. I was part of a campus and radio debate, my question to the representative was: "Reagan said as a Democrat he made several mistakes what makes him think he won’t as a Republican, he’s the same man isn’t he? Guess what? The dude didn’t answer the question and completely side stepped the whole thing rambling on about nothing. I wondered if the radio audience heard me say "What, that didn’t answer the question." I know the live audience saw my face. That might be why I wasn’t asked to meet Nancy Reagan when Dad met her. I wonder if he was afraid of the FBI check?

I use to worry more about this earth but God assures us when it done it’s done. I don’t pollute on purpose but I use the products of those who do. I don’t know how to stop that. Even those who claim they don’t are suspect to me. I envision 20/20 showing up with a camera and me being all mad for a long time, my husband hating to take me in the store because I get loud.

I can get loud when provoked. And I can get tough. I was in TGI Fridays one night with the husband and his friends we were waiting for a table when this guy bumped into me from behind not once but twice. The third time I checked him into the bar. (Checked is a hockey term) He sailed quite nicely across the bar then got up and looked at Dave and my husband they pointed to little me. I’m five one and at the time weighed a lot less. I smiled and he walked away. Dude learned a lesson about bumping into people over and over again. Thank goodness I’ve mellowed.

Well this was a ramble of a post on a cool crisp Oklahoma day. Mmmm apple crisp pie sounds . . . I can’t stop rambling. The sewing machine is calling to me so I need to change and do something productive. Have a nice day!


codepoke said...

I'm glad the sewing machine isn't bumping into you. :-D

Off with the sock puppets! On with the day!

Milly said...

Sock Monkeys. You frighten Sock Monkey when you say puppet. *o*