Monday, October 23, 2006

Sandy Times

I can be a bit outspoken at times so staying quiet when I have something so heavy on my heart is difficult.

I know turn the other cheek and the meek shall inherit the earth. Yet it’s so darn hard to hold my tongue. I believe in truth and honesty with life. I also know that perception is reality. What you believe is true, is the truth that you believe.

A brief explanation is in order because this is becoming a mole hole, winding around the place.
I attended two meetings and said what I felt needed to be said. What I suggested is now into play. People are upset, it’s understandable it hurts. It was also a needed thing. Am I to blame? No I don’t feel bad for my suggestion I wasn’t the one who had to deliberate it all. I have a huge amount of respect for the men who decide what is to happen, what’s allowed, where we should be going. It’s a difficult job and without monetary pay. The hard part is that some of those involved are friends. One of them has a friend who is now lashing out at the men and the church. I’m so perplexed as to why if you are so angry you would keep walking into those doors only to try to drag more people into your tirade.

God answered my prayers Sunday and I was kept out of the uproar. I didn’t want to have to speak my mind Sunday. Things were quiet and I was blessed with a very nice lunch with good friends after.

I think we should all understand that our ministers have families and that our elders have families. These men do the best that they can and that they are in constant prayer for guidance. I saw it in my friend’s eyes, I could hear it in his voice as we spoke that he is taking it to heart, he’s a wonderful man and jokes with me about being his favorite democrat, he’s my favorite republican elder.

God is still leading us and it looks like sand is going to be at our feet a while longer.


Kansas Bob said...

I liked what you said on my blog about this. Church leaders and others really have a difficulty with stuff like this. I wish it were different.

Milly said...

Thank you KB some of the people are the same ones involved. I’ve gone from being comforter to hoping not to be noticed. God will lead us, and He’s teaching some of us how to remain strong.

jel said...

Hi Milly,
when something is heavy on my heart , I keep to my self.

will be praying for your friend and you!

and pasty cline was very cool!

God bless

Anonymous said...

Milly never try to be unnoticed, Christ said go forward no to back up.I have gotten the idea that you are one who never backs up very far. Ha :)

Milly said...

When an angry woman is sitting next to you and asks you what you think, you have two choices tell her honestly and hope that you don’t go flying over the balcony, or try very hard to be invisible. I chose invisible. I think my minister did also because she didn’t look at him as he spoke to her nor did she speak to him.

Honestly we made small talk up there, we both kept the issue to ourselves.

Danny Kaye said...

Well, Mil-Gurl. I can't say that I understand the entirety of the situation. But from what I gather, a whole BUNCH of humility is needed. The only thing left to do is eecide if YOU are going to be the humble one...or someone else.
(And yes, you can be humble, meek,...etc without being a doormat. Just consider the needs of others before your own and you cannot go wrong in the eyes of God.)

Milly said...

Mill-Gurl is going to let God take the wheel on this one. The elders are working on the situation at hand. The less I'm in it the better. I plan on loving those in it and praying for the best outcome.

Maeghan said...

Leaders fight because they think they are the leaders. How different it would be when we all realise that Jesus is THE Leader and with that all fighting and competition will stop. Love and humility should prevail and we all should wash each others feet and serve each other as Jesus did.