Monday, July 24, 2006


Perhaps you’ll think me not strong in my beliefs when I say this: I think that God made room for other views. There I said it.

When the Baptist women came to my door and asked if I attend church I was very nice and told them I did and that I was Church of Christ. The next question was “Do you know Jesus?” I looked at these women who I thought seemed nice at first with disbelief in what they had just said to me. I would have never asked them that after telling me they are Baptist. I would have respected them much more then they respected me. I closed the door thinking I should have let my dog bark at them the whole time.

You know I try to be nice to all the folks who knock on my door and invite me to church. I’ve had lovely conversations with the Mormon young men who came to my home to tell me of their beliefs. Those boys returned a few days later with a video because I told them I was sorry that I couldn’t spend more time talking with them due to a death in the family. They promised to pray for us. My sister’s roommate became a Mormon, she was a sweet lady who died way too young she blessed her husband with children and her very loving ways.

My in-laws are Catholic and raised all seven of the children in the church. I hold a huge respect for them and the beliefs they hold fast to.

My cousin is Baptist. He has a great fellowship of friends. He and his wife have been through a lot where children are concerned. They are blessed to have two healthy boys here and two little ones in heaven. I’ve heard my cousin preach I was so proud of him. We were raised as brother and sister so his life is entwined in mine.

When do you stop saying things like those women said to me?

I meet brothers and sisters every day at work. I love hearing preach it sister. I love that one man now calls me sister. I love that the man wearing the collar who was having a bad day smiled when I told him God was telling him to slow down. I told a plumber that also as he began to panic when delayed only to have to come back fro the right part. See God sent you back in. He left smiling.

Why can’t we respect each other. I’m not saying jump on the other sides band wagon. I’m CoC, we don’t have a band.

RESPECT. Let’s give it.

Let’s stop trashing and pray for unity on a one- on-one basis.


Ellen said...

I think that we have to decide where to draw the line and hold that line. Satan doesn't attack us where we're looking, he attacks where we're not being watchful.

Is it at the Trinity? If the Trinity is an essential doctrine, then are those Mormons that prayed for you, the ones who hope to be gods some day - were their prayers heard?

Respect their person, yes. But can you include those who hold to "another doctrine" as a spiritual sibling?

Ellen said...

Milly, I just had a thought; when you said, "Church of Christ", do you think they might have made a mental connection with "Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints"?

I know the difference, but some folks might not.

Danny Kaye said...

You are right about giving respect. I have found a lot of people with whom I disagree on doctrinal issues. But many of those same people love God just like me, live to please Jesus just like me, and give to their fellow man just like me (and perhaps they do all thos things better than me).
I may not believe what they believe. But I will love them, learn from them, respect them, and have fellowship with them.

I do confess that there was a time when I would have been just like the women who came to your door. Being only 41, I am confident that it is not the "mellowing of old age" making the changes in me, but instead it is God showing me the way of love in a greater way.

Milly said...


Not in these parts of the world would you make that mistake about CoC.

As for trashing say the Mormons I see no value in it. The young men who in 107 degree weather ride bikes from house to house earn my respect for dedication. They have a much more dedicated life style for reaching out then a lot of Christian groups. Parents save for years to send the sons out into an unkind world. They have to answer to God for how they believe. Then again I was raised to respect others and how they believe. I don’t agree with family members of other views I respect them . We need to start showing the love that Jesus has.

Milly said...

Danny Kaye,
I’ll bet we’ve all stood on our beliefs at times and spewed out our ignorance. I have yet to read “This Book was written for Church Of Christ Members only all other will please line up for Hell.”

I myself at times have to put judgement away.

You’re right in saying this: I am confident that it is not the "mellowing of old age" making the changes in me, but instead it is God showing me the way of love in a greater way.

Ellen said...

Milly, I won't debate you on your blog.

Milly said...

The thing is that it's about respect for each other. You and I don't agree on Baptism where children are concerned I still respect you.

There is a cool documentary on two women who live at the Sunset Retirement Home. The Sunset Story, it focuses on two women who are very close. They love each other as good friends should. One of the things that really interested me was at one time one of the women was a communist the other a Jew.

"Like many of their fellow residents, Irja and Lucille wrestle daily with the obstacles of aging. However, their friendship, in their words, has "saved both of our lives." After moving into Sunset Hall within weeks of one another, they soon form an unbreakable bond—socially, intellectually and physically. In order to be assured of stimulating conversation and emotional sanity, the two sit together at every meal and every meeting. Lucille needs help in order to walk, so she braces herself against the back of Irja's wheelchair, and simultaneously propels Irja's chair forward."

They have both passed away now. If you ever get a chance to see it please do. They are delightful.

I once said to another woman from a group that I once belonged to “I want to have women around me who I can count on in my old age women who will help me and I will help them." Her response has stayed with me “Why are we waiting?” It was a sad response because those women couldn’t do it they can’t love each other. I am in no way saying that we should let or guard down and change our love for God I’m saying respect each other.

Ellen said...

Then again I was raised to respect others and how they believe.

Here's the only problem I have - you don't have to respect the beliefs of another in order to respect them.

If we look to Christ as our example, how many times did He let people stay lost in order to "respect" them?

Let me ask one more question: Did those Mormons respect your beliefs? Or did they treat you with respect? If they had respected your beliefs, would they have come back with the video?

I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong for respecting the "person" of another; just add some food for thought when thinking about other belief systems.

Milly said...

They brought the tape on grief back because they knew I was grieving. They was very respectful when I told them about my beliefs and didn't try to in any way sway me. They showed me respect. I have Mormon friends so I know how they feel and they have always shown me respect as I have them. The discussion isn’t just about Mormons it’s about how we easily can disrespect each other. Some of my family members won’t go listen to my cousin preach, his mother is one. She isn’t respectful of his beliefs nor he of hers. It’s wrong is all I’m saying.

Ellen said... didn't say that it was tape on grief. I have had Mormons give me tapes that are outright witnessing tools.

Milly said...

Man I need a proof reader. Found the typos.

I would have been offended if I had told them I belong to a church and that I am a Christian then have someone give me tapes to try to sway me. Because that’s a lack of respect in my opinion.

You and I don’t agree on baptism with infants it’s not going to sway me nor you for us to debate on the subject. I respect your view because I know that it comes from your heart. So does mine. So we chose to respect each others views and move on. Why tear each other down right?

I do have respect for those who can witness. I wasn’t raised to be like that and CoC’s aren’t known for it. I work hard to do what I can in that department despite the fact that at times it goes against my upbringing. We were the silent Christians. I thought it was cool that a minister and his family welcomed us to the area and invited us to church. I told them where we attend and spent some time talking.

Thanks for asking about the differences of how we respect. It is definitely food for thought on how we feel about people.

Larry said...

Being respectful is part of being a Christian; how can anyone not respect another person just because their thinking doesn't match ours. There are just about as many views of being a Christian as there are people.

Trying to bend everyone to fit into my narrow viewpoint is something I gave up years ago....I doubt God is shocked that all of us are not clones.

Danny Kaye said...

"I respect your view because I know that it comes from your heart."

Hmmm...I must say that this statement might be a point of contention.

Where do we draw the line on this.

Many people have views that come from their hearts that are not even close to godly, though they profess them to be. There have been dictators who have used religious viewpoints to further their causes. Their viewpoints might be wicked in my opinion. But because it comes from their hearts, must then respect them?

That may seem like an extreme. But that is what that statement is saying. If you remove "Dictator" and relace it with "Slave Trader", or "Racist", or "adulterer", or Homosexual", or whatever, then the principle still stands. "If it is from your heart, then I will respect it."

I say that I will respect any person.
And I will say that I will respect their love for God and their fellow man.
But I will also say that I respectfully disagree with their viewpoint.

If you will allow me to change the statement just a bit, I think you will see what I mean:

"I respect your view because I know that it comes from the Bible."

Isn't that more in line with your core beliefs?

But can respectfully disagree with me. ;-)

Milly said...

In this case yes I respect her views. Had she said I think the KKK was the greatest group ever NO!, she would not have my respect. To me everyone starts with equal amounts of respect it goes up or down depending on how the act and so on. While Ellen and I view things differently I still respect her and the fact that she hasn’t come to her views lightly. She studies the Word, she’s a plugged in mom, and a very intelligent woman. I believe that she also works with autistic people, I hold a special place for them and those who work with them. I worked with autistic children in their homes. She, while not always in agreement, has my respect.

I respect you, you are a plugged in father and husband. You are open about who you were and are. That’s cool. Although you tend to fidget with the car while driving. Please don’t reach for the screw driver while changing lanes.

I respect that you folks comment hare openly. It’s a good thing.:-) I always learn.

salguod said...

You should have told those Baptist ladies "Oh, perhaps you didn't realize, Jesus' last name was Christ, you know, 'Jesus Christ'? So 'Church of Christ' is like saying 'Church of Jesus'. Thanks for asking."

Or, maybe that's a bit sarcastic. :-)

Milly said...

I'm using it next time.;-}

codepoke said...
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codepoke said...
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codepoke said...

Hey Milly,

I have not had time to read everyone's comments on this post. Sorry. I need to get some shut-eye if I'm going to have any fun on the airplanes tomorrow.

I'm sorry this happened. I know how shocking and painful that kind of "blindside" can be. Just remember that those that know ya, love ya!

I would mention that a good Baptist would ask that same question of another unknown Baptist. It is a hallmark of dedicated groups that they don't assume salvation until the listener confirms it.

That said, Baptists are naturally going to feel pretty strongly on the subject of baptism, and they strongly disagree with COC on the subject. It is just a natural fact of life that they are going to be predisposed against COC (and all infant baptizers, though for different reasons.) Those two (probably very dear) baptist ladies probably don't know why they are suspicious of COC, but they know that their leaders are.

THAT said, we all owe each other a lot of respect. We are all sticking together against a world that hates our Beloved.

Keep preaching it, sister! And read Philippians for a perspective on what should happen.