Thursday, July 27, 2006


Are we so touchy about the war that it’s anti military to say you want them home?

How many people have you heard say "Yea! People get to go somewhere to be shot at!"
( Paint ball and laser tag excluded.)

Is it you’re anti military?

Am I anti war?

Not pro!

However, I know it’s a necessity. I just don’t like it.


People die, they get maimed, children are killed, damaged, left homeless, and starving.

So excuse me for not wanting it.

Pickled beets I grew up during the sixties those images are burned in my brain. I hate that war. There it is I hate war and I pray for peace.


Laymond said...

I am with you Milly

Kansas Bob said...

Most people are pretty ignorant of what is going on in Iraq. My soldier son returned from Iraq last August and tells me that most of his comrades want to fight a war not police a country. The politics of war is pretty discouraging for these guys who were trained to fight and win.

Milly said...

Kansas Bob,
I know you feel blessed that he came home to you.
I wish that we could find an easy end in a box of Cracker Jacks. We can only hold fast to prayer. That's not disrespect it's respect. I respect those folks who have left those who love them to fight and police in the name of freedom. It must be hard because the end of this isn’t looking very close. No matter who is in charge of the decision making it doesn’t have a simple ending. We need to keep praying for men and women like your son, you know I will.

Kansas Bob said...

I am glad that, for now, it doesn't look like my son will be heading back to Iraq with his unit in October. So many of his buddies are on their second and third tours of Iraq ... doesn't seem fair that these are the only ones (with their families) that truly have a stake in the war on terror. I think that our leaders could honor them by getting the rest of the country involved by instituting the draft ... unfortunately they don't have the political courage to do it.

Thanks for your prayers Milly and for your listening ear.

Blessings, KB

Milly said...

Those of you who are so close to this war have my ears and prayers.

codepoke said...

My vote.

20,000 wounded and 2,500 dead Americans is a tremendous burden and agony. I wish none of that had happened. Many more Americans will come home psychologically scarred. I'm very sorry for that, too.

Freedom is worth it. Iraqi freedom is worth it. Hussein no longer able to commit genocide is worth it.

Of course, it does not look like coalition is delivering freedom right now. That's a bad thing. I don't know. Maybe in the end we fail, but I still believe it is worth the effort. Remember that it took us 8 years to win our independence, and then we had to fight the war again in 1812. For 8 long years would-be Americans had to die in the cold, of war-borne disease, and on the battlefield before we could say we were free. Freedom is expensive.

And lastly, it looks like we may have to fight Islamic nations for a long, long time. We are learning a lot about them in Iraq, and soon in Lebanon. They do not speak the language of peace, and I don't see any way around the eventual bonfire. Things are going to get worse before they get better, and it may be that the Lord is raising this conflict up. He may be willing to lead His people into captivity again. Only He knows.

I hate war, and I respect your hatred of it.