Saturday, July 08, 2006


It really doesn’t bother me to have men in those rolls in the church. I guess the questions are:

What are our rolls in the church as women?

Do we want to see it change?

Is God leading us towards changes?

As our world changes are we as women satisfied with the current rolls?

Are you as men happy with the rolls women have?

Would you like to see changes?

Is it Biblical for these changes to happen?


Andreia said...

I spent some time in a COC church in Maryland where women were included in the decision-making and the worship services.

At first, I was uncomfortable but it did not take long for me to gain a new perspective. How freeing it was to hear other women pray and read scripture in the assembly and to do so myself! Not because we needed attention but rather because these prayers had a different tone and sentiment. It was not unlike the way a new Christian approaches it, with new eyes and a new perspective. I suppose I am not able to describe this well enough, but it was freeing.

At a Christmas service I was pregnant and asked to read about the birth of Christ in tandem with my young son. It was so emotional for me to be able to stand with him in a role of leadership of my family. (yes, my husband is a leader in our family but so am I!!)

The church was lead by a group of male elders but they did not allow that to diminish or hide the role of the women as they took equal part in the decisions.

I could go on, but I will just say in closing that having had a taste of full participation, and not just token membership, I will not go back to a system that treats me as a lesser. God never intended it to be so.

Milly said...

Thank you.
I agree that hearing it from a woman gives a different prospective on things. I’ve been slowly working on women of the Bible on this blog. We relate to Mary differently then the men do because we’ve given birth to a child. I understand how difficult a COC can be. I feel blessed to be attending one that is open for women. Not as open as the one that you attended. I do feel valued at my church. I wonder if things will ever change and does the majority want the change?

Thank you for your story. You could have kept going we would have read it.

Blessed to be a woman.

codepoke said...

I don't think any of us has a taste of full participation, yet. As long as the primary event of "church" is listening to a pastor or following a worship leader, we never will.

That said, when a woman has an insight from the Lord, I am deprived if she keeps it to herself - even if she does so because she believes herself to be obeying scripture. I doubt that as many women as men will ever want to preach, but the ones who are called to do so, should do so.

Andreia said...

Codepoke! You're back! YEA! Pary's back on!

Andreia said...

I really was serious when I said I looked forward to reading your posts on biblical women. I wish I could take it on but right now that seems a gigantic feat. anyhow, get to work on it girl.
See how easily, I threw it at ya?

Milly said...

I have started. You'll need to look at my past post. I try to relate to the women, bring it to a personal level.

If I were computer savvy I'd know how to lump them together.

I’m about to start a ten day without a day off schedule so this might be a light week. I agreed because I know I’ll be off for a while when the docs decide what and when.

Patchouli said...

These are good questions...

For me, the second and third questions are the most relevant. I believe God has been leading us towards change since the beginning. The traditional church, with its roles for women and men, and are humans' attempts to make God into our own image.
No, I don't think that women or men will ever be satisfied with the changes in roles in the church--and neither will men. Though some may find a comfort in traditional church, it's not the church roles that will set us free.

Maeghan said...

I suppose the role of women in churches differs in context. At least where I am worshipping and serving, I can safely say men and women are almost on equal footing. I say "almost" because there are still more men in most leadership roles. But at present we have women pastors (at conference level, i.e. the Malaysian Methodist Churches on the whole), women preachers (I am set to give my maiden sermon this Jul 23 ... God help me!), women fellowship presidents, women worship leaders and Scripture readers, etc.

Therefore, in my perspective, I do appreciate that some of us are still working and struggling with the changes. I have been told that in a family, the husband is the head and the wife the heart. In ministry, we too can make a difference. So, strife on.

Milly said...

I believe that change is happening in the church and we can't continue (as a whole) to ignore it.

I wonder if I’ll will see it and if I can be ready for it.