Thursday, July 27, 2006

? I can't do it

As some of you may have noted I have yet to figure out this computer stuff.

I was able, after spending almost $70.00, to remove a bug my husband found in the word of surfing.

I see site meters and photos and cool linky things. I tried to put some of you on the side like the cool kids have. I can’t do it. I read the instructions It didn’t work.

I was happy to see that blogger seems to have fixed some of the problems I had.

I wanted to have thing up and running soon.

Alas I can’t do it.


Laymond said...

Sure you can keep trying

Ellen said...

Milly, here is the stuff you need for links in your side bar - it looks like this:
This is where I post my writing

(there's something else you need to do but blogger won't let me post it so I'll describe it and hope I do it ok.) in front of that whole mess above, put the left facing carrot, type li and then the right facing carrot. In back of the whole mess do the carrot thing again only with /li. Good luck

What you want people to read goes in the second part, the address goes in the first part.

site meter is easy, photos are a little trickier with blogger - I found a way to do it but everybody told me there was an easier way, but the way I did it worked.

'linky things' - should come with their own code to cut and paste wherever you want them in your side bar.

HINT: (this is important) Copy your entire sidebar and paste it into a Word document. Save it. You will mess up your side bar at some point and you'll want to have the backup (I know I did).

If you save the sidebar like I just told you, you can paste just the sidebar portion into any blogger template you pick.

Ellen said...

oops - email me, blogger did what it was supposed to do (lol)

Larry said...

Your site looks fine, don't worry about the frills.

As Ellen said, be sure to backup your template if you make any changes; it will save you a ton of grief...take the word of a non-backeruper.

Just have fun, don't worry about the small stuff! :)

Milly said...

I added a site meter then removed it. I had it right! Yea! I didn't like the amount of info it gives out to anyone playing around.

Thanks for the help and encouragement. It’s funny I can do stuff on the machines that most of my co-workers don’t know exists.

codepoke said...

You can always email me with these things. I will just set it up for you, and email you the final code. You can paste it in, and then you will be able to tweak it and figure out what's happening.