Monday, July 17, 2006

One more What If

What if our youth minister was a woman?

Would you allow your baptized son to go to classes taught by her?


codepoke said...

If she was old enough.

Larry said...

A woman youth minister would be just ducky, as long as the youth were all girls. As soon as a fuzzy-faced boy enters the equation, a fuzzier-faced man would have to take the reins. :)

Milly said...


We are saying goodbye to our youth minister. She is a wonderful teacher and leader. We at my COC will miss her and I'm betting the boys stayed in her class.

When our male youth minister left she was an assistant, she stepped up and we felt blessed to have a strong and God loving woman to lead.

I’m not sure of her age. I’d guess in her twenties.

Larry said...

As a child in the COC all my teachers in bible study were women, and they brought great teaching skills to their classes.

When we entered high school things changed dramatically; our teachers from then on were always men.

I never even wondered about the change until later in life. Guess once something is drummed into your head enough its not questioned.

Andreia said...

We are considering a church with a female youth minister. The last place we attended had a guy who was very effeminate (sp?) and I did worry about that for my son.

The answer has got to be kill (figuratively) the youth minister and put the parents in charge (gasp!)

Milly said...

We too had effeminate man who is involved with the youth so I very much understand that. We have also had a man who wanted to be “in touch” with the kids on their level. Loud music etc. . . My son’s group isn’t like that so the parents have stepped in. In fact one parent complained about the y way things were. I asked her why she was standing in front of me instead of turning the music down and the kids up. She went for it. I think it’s a good thing to have women in leadership rolls for our children to see.

I also want the next minister to be a man with experience, one who wont try to be a kid yet still young enough to enjoy being with them.

Brian said...

From a theological standpoint I have no issues with a woman teaching classes to baptized guys and gals.

From a practical standpoint, a youth minister does more than just teach classes during "church time". They go places and do things where they are pretty much alone with the kids. I've always favored the team approach where you have at least one man and one woman serving in an official capacity as leaders - whether they be volunteers or not.

I think it's just safer(for both adults and kids) all around and also provides a chance to relate to someone of your own sex if that need ever arises.

And of course my wife and I led youth as a team and I'm sure we did it the right way ;)

Milly said...

welcome brian,

I agree that they need both involved along with other parents to help.

Andreia said...

Back on this topic of baptism.

I got a call Sunday to go see my 9 year old niece be baptized. Unfortunately I couldn't go as I was in class, but it has me wondering what my friends here and over at Codepoke's place think of youngsters and baptism.

I was baptized at 13. Of course, I was no where near mature enough to understand the gravity of my decision. In a lot of ways, I wish I was older. Of course being raised in the COC, my eternal soul depended upon this decision.

Now I have a son and I dont know how to feel about it. Sure, he could make that decision any day...but is it the right thing for a ten year old to do especially if there is that whole peer pressure thing going? Any ideas??