Friday, July 14, 2006

Let’s play on.

Now that we have our Church Of The What If?

We’ve established that being ICOC and COC based we have rules.

Men will lead. Women will do the rest.

We have Larry, he came home from defending our nation because he developed flat feet.

Danny now in a wheel chair. He’ll recover, don’t worry. A bit of PT and he’ll be on his feet in no time.

And grandpa. He’s 86 and his hands shake a bit.

Codepoke is also home and adds an interesting view to the mix. He doesn’t have a COC background.

These men take turns speaking and it’s interesting. We love having different styles and perspectives.

Do you think that the women are happy to give it back to the men?

Is it a relief to not have to lead?

Are we glad because it’s nice having them home and we need to continue to focus on those who’s men are still away, and those who’s husbands aren’t coming home?

Where is our place in this church?

(Watch And We were Soldiers you will see how amazing men and women can be)


Larry said...

The only real problem with this arrangement is trying to get Danny on the platform when it's his turn to speak. He collapsed the last wheel chair ramp causing quite a commotion during the service.

My flat feet, Danny's prodigiousness, and Codepokes lack of a "proper" COC background is becoming a problem during the "worship" service.

Perhaps the women could dress in black pin-stripped suits, ties, and shinny shoes, and paste on one of those Wyatt Earp mustaches and be acceptable. Didn't think so!

It's good to have Grandpa in the church, when the other men have to stay home to watch a football game, Grandpa at 86 will be available to lead the singing, prayer, play all the communion roles, preach, and do the announcements (baptisms will have to wait, Grandpa can't swim.)

One final thought...if no men show up for "church" the women will silently get back in their cars and go home, I can you have a proper assembly with no men?

Danny Kaye said...

"Men will lead. Women will do the rest."

Rest assured, Milly. The men will be doing our fair share of "the rest" right there with you. At least we will if we are trying to be like Jesus, anyway.

More later...gotta go.

Andreia said...

Larry you are cracking me up!

Milly said...

I so love Larry.
Actually we women would stay and worship then go shop leaving you football watching men with the kids.

Danny’s not that big and I built the ramp so it works great. Milly she can do you can help.