Saturday, July 15, 2006

Concluding What If?

All silliness to the side some cool stuff comes from this.

To hear that some churches allow women to baptize other women is heart warming to me.

We weld our Bibles around like a weapon against those who don’t agree with us when actually we are making strikes against God. I don’t pull scripture out a lot because I hate, yes hate, how some seem to toss it about as if they hold authority and judgement over us. God provides a way, He uses men and women when and where they are needed. He has shown in His book wonderful examples of who we are to be and not to be.

A Neighborhood church?

I think it could be great. I also think it could go wrong. Danny thought I was upset at something he had done and was upset at me for what I had said. We resolved it. :-} It can happen quickly and humans tend to suck others in. I could have gone to Andreia, she might have gone to Larry, Danny seeing Codepoke was back might have gone to him and now the whole thing is a mess.

I realize I’m coming from a place where for way too long people have been slamming on my church and those in it. They are trying to take the church down that’s hard to take and down right exhausting.

I also will say that it would be nice to have people who you love and know living around you. I moved from a neighborhood where they did, to one where I know very few and we aren’t close. The one family that we were closer to moved out of state.

In the other neighborhood we borrowed from each other we helped each other and our kids went to school together from the time they were in kindergarten. One, as we spoke on the phone, said she need to do dishes and was out of soap a few moments later she was in my driveway picking up a baggy of soap. I do miss the ability to call and ask for help. I know get out and meet the neighbors. That’s what my friend told me. I’ve told myself that too. I’m not very good at that, I may be out going at work and in other forums not in this one. Someone might tell me to stop over thinking it and just do it ;-}

I do put a lot of stock in the way that God leads us and where he puts us. If women are to lead then He will give us leadership. I don’t want to lead in the church. I like where I am that’s where He has called me to be. He will put you where you need to be man or woman.


Larry said...

What are we going to do after "Concluding What If"?

"...some churches allow women to baptize other women ..."

If this is deemed proper, would it not be just as proper for a woman to baptize a man?

I could thrive in a "neighborhood church."

Milly said...

I could thrive in a "neighborhood church."

Let's do it let's all move to Oklahoma and do it. Then CP could teach me how to work this computer. Can some one mow Larry's lawn for him?

Kansas Bob said...

Isn't it interesting that neighborhoods do not always have community? I wonder if that is on purpose? Finding community is somewhat of an art ... I have had it in the past ... been a part of very close-knit small groups. Then something happens and community seems to vanish ... makes you wonder if it was ever there at all? Maybe community is something that we hold with an open hand ... appreciating and cherishing it when we have it ... and seeking it out when we don't.

Andreia said...

Oh Milly, I can't go back to Oklahoma but you all are certainly welcome in Houston!

Kansas Bob
I agree with you that it is sad that so many neighborhoods no longer have a sense of community. I have worked really hard to know my neighbors this time after living in a neighborhood where no one knew any one.

When we first moved here, my elderly next-door neighbor died. I had intended to get over to take cookies. I was so upset at myself for not making an effort! It made me ill! I finally decided to quit bemoaning it and do something. It is a much nicer place to live now that I am connected. : )

Patchouli said...

Oh, pardon me, I left my question in the wrong place!

What larry just asked.

I'm standing on Galatians 3:28 for starters.

And I'm guilty of not being neighborly--I've had 3 psycho neighbors (swat team, stalking, verbal abuse) so I kinda keep to myself. Maybe it's time to get over it.