Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is now a teenager!

I went to my parents home for Thanksgiving when I walked in my Aunt asked me when I was going to have my baby. I looked at my watch and smiled. I then put her hands on my tummy one on his bottom and one on his head. She was a volunteer EMT so she knew I was about to pop. It was a good thing that he had waited because at the end of September things were on the move and I was having contractions, that’s not a good combination. I spent time in the hospital and in bed at home. Everything went where it was suppose to go, thank God., I was able to go back to work in November as long as I promised not to lift stuff. He wasn’t due until December according to the calculations, according to my husband and I we knew he was coming in November. I knew the exact moment he was conceived.

I spent Saturday listening to my mom tell everyone in the mall I was going to give birth any second. Sunday my husband and I walked the mall, I told him how disappointed I was in not having him when my aunt and uncle were in town. I also just knew I was to go into labor today. We went home to cook dinner. I changed cloths and before I could start dinner well . . . my husband had to clean the mess off the floor. Monday morning, November 29th, we were holding that baby boy.

Now he’s a teenager. It’s been an interesting journey so far and I’m looking forward to the future as he becomes a man.


Maeghan said...

Happy Birthday teenager :)
I also knew the exact moment my son was conceived but my doctor did not believe me :) and I got admitted too early, got induced, spent time in the birthing room but ended up having a surgery.

Missy said...

How exciting! Congratulations to BOTH of you!

Maeghan said...

Oh yes, I love the "A Gift" picture - awesome! They are certainly priceless gifts from our Lord :)

Kansas Bob said...

What a sweet memory. Happy 13th to that blessed (because you are his mom) son!

Karen said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Teenage boys are fun! :-D I'm with KB..he's a blessed son to have you as mom!

Milly said...

He said thank you for the happy birthdays.