Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is your candle lit?

I think that most of us have let the candle go out at one time or another. We get up get dressed and have ourselves a day of darkness, without even knowing it is my guess. Codepoke and I commented on how to get someone to light the candle.
Bible Study: Assurance?

In order to get them to put the wick to the flame we need to be sure that we have a flame going in ourselves. I gave this some thought after I wrote that on Codepokes blog. Do I have the flame? Do I have the flame of God in my heart? Am I even worthy to point to someone and tell them to get burning?

I have to admit my flame flickers in the wind. I have found myself in the darkness questioning God. That’s right I admit it I question Him in times of darkness. . . He answers with light. I’m not as studious as Codepoke when it comes to the word, I feel blessed to have found him, he’s been great in his pursuit of understanding. I am a woman who tries to hear God in the wind, in my children, in the Bible, and in my heart.

I’ve always been taught to think for myself "don’t be a follower" is what Daddy said. . .and so I dance to a different tune. That makes you stand alone when that music ends and it can be rather difficult you begin to doubt yourself. . . .your flame grows dimmer. But this is how God made me and this is how I am He must have wanted a Milly. . .a Milly to question herself so that she can search and find so that she can remember and rekindle the flame.

Today I gave the flame some thought . . .today I made sure my candle was lit.

How is your burning for Jesus?

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Maeghan said...

A very good question - how are we burning for Jesus? Or are we burning at all?

We are putting up a Christmas musical mid of December and it is the same message - the theme of the piece is Everlasting Light.

The main theme song:-
One candle lights one candle
Two candles light four
And where it shines there is no darkness anymore.
Just taking that one candle
Out into the night
We share the love of Jesus
Till there's only light