Friday, November 10, 2006

BOREDOM? Miss Littles


It's a GREEN Day

A. . . .that might work except she was talking instead of working. I need to have her hearing and eyes checked to rule out those problems. Now a days in this school system if you finish your work early they give you more to do, the teachers are all for advancing, they allow each child to move at their own pace. It’s a much better system then when we were kids. Our focus isn’t just on football, we are in the top team rankings. The chemistry and biology programs have been recognized as one of the strongest college Advanced Placement programs in the state.

The Superintendent of the schools puts a very strong emphases on academics. She’s a great speaker and I’ve enjoyed hearing her speak several times. One cool thing that she does while on vacation is to take her children to the local colleges to look around. I love that idea and will do that from now on.

My husband and I never gave that school system a thought when we were looking for a home because we weren’t looking to have children, see how God blessed us a nice neighborhood school in a great school system, we moved staying in this school system and chose this area because of how nice it is. God put us in this house and that school.


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