Monday, November 06, 2006

I can see

As I walked to my daughter's school I took the time to enjoy the fall weather. It’s over cast and damp. The trees are so beautiful deep rich colors this year. We never know in Oklahoma if our fall will be this nice so we relish the beauty God sends us. While I was walking I was thankful for my eye sight.

Several years ago I went camping with my son, it was a fun time. I was introduced to a man who made it even more of an enjoyment, he took great care of us women and even call us his women. I camped next to his camp site and knew two of the ladies with him. (I was the only woman in my camp site, that's another story.) We were sitting together in the mess hall, yes they fed us, most likely to save us from eating hot dogs every night. I do know that some of those guys were Dutch oven masters, wonderful cobblers were served up for me to taste one night. Howard and I spoke about his eyes, he was going blind with no cure. He talked about taking in life and how blessed he was because other don’t see what he sees.

As I walked I was thankful that the medication I’m on will most likely go away in December, it has made my eyes dry and my vision blurred. I have trouble reading small print even with my glasses. It takes me a bit longer to read long posts and at times I have to stop and go do other things. This will pass and I will be back to normal if everything is working properly in December.
I feel some pain still but not the kind of pain that makes my life intolerable, the pain will also pass, if everything does what it’s suppose to do, and I do what I’m suppose to do.

(Side note the guy who cooked for us also held a campfire ceremony that was way cool. He spoke a few words about the camping of the past then poured ashes into the new fire. He had saved ashes for every campfire for years and sort of blessed each camping trip with the memory of the years past. That would be so cool for your children to have to pass on. )

This fall brought changes
Death of a love ones grandmother
Loss of a baby growing in a friend
Life growing inside another friend’s body
Children taken from a home because of postpartum depression
A marriage lost forever in my family, and an angry son
A boy turning into a man, soon to be thirteen


codepoke said...

Oswald Chambers said we don't understand life because we assume it is rational. Really, it's tragic.

What a great way to tell about a fall. Your story even feels like fall. The green is gone, there's a chill in the air, but the sun is still shining.

Lord Bless.

Maeghan said...

I think fall will be my favourite season -- the mood, the colours ...

Milly said...

I love the colors of fall also

Danny Kaye said...

Great memories, Mil-gurl. And I'll echo what CP said about the feelings we get when we read your stories.

preacherman said...

I love the fall.
Especially this november 7th. :-)
Right Milly?
THUMP'N DAY indeed!

jel said...

morning Milly, fall is my fav,

thanks for stopping by!

have a great day!

Carol said...

I have to say Autumn is also my favourite season..I love all the beautiful colours of the trees and the leaves...