Monday, November 27, 2006

How do we let the neighborhood know that our church exists without knocking on the door and smacking them over the head with a Bible?

It seems to me to be a fine line between being annoying and being nice when it comes to inviting folks to church.

Several years ago one of our ministers decided to hold a free car wash. No big God only loves clean cars or if you are killed in this car you’ll go to hell pitch.

Last year we held Christmas Eve and Christmas services, my husband put the events on the church sign , several visitors came and one family said that the invitation on the sign brought them in and the hospitality let them know that this is where God wanted them to be.

I use to find a plastic Easter egg on the lawn every year, inside was an invitation to Easter services at a church near by.

I’ve heard of giving out 9v batteries with a note attached saying we care about you please change the battery in your smoke alarm, with the church information on it. Don’t add anything like if you died a sinner you’ll burn in hell, people hate to hear that.

I don’t mind people knocking on my door to invite me. I’m not fond of opening the door with my hair a mess, no makeup, and barking dog trying to eat those church folks. Only to see the picture perfect family standing on the stoop with that smile on their faces. I tell them thank you for the invitation and close the door.

I stared a tradition with our cub scout group to Christmas Carol for food for a food pantry. That would be a fun thing to do gather a group and Christmas Carol to let them know you care.

So how do we reach the masses?

Any ideas?


Missy said...

I was one of those people that answered the door one day. A month later I made Jesus Lord of my life. So don't go knockin' the knockin' (haha - that was a good one, huh?)

Because of it, I tend to love door-knocking and inviting neighbors to church or to study the Bible. Been doing it for 5 years now and not a single bite! I never tried smacking them with the Bible though...

But it does feel weird to invent a "reason" to reach out - when the reason is already there.

Milly said...

I'm glad to here that knocking works. No knocking on the knocking. I enjoy some of those people. I've been known to spend some time talking to the boys on the bikes.

Missy said...

Yeah - those guys came a week too late, but I still enjoyed the conversation, and one of them bought a collectible doll from my garage sale!

Weekend Fisher said...

I've been thinking about what Paul was saying about hospitality. He kept naming hospitality as a sign of a leader in the church. I don't know if it's a neighborhood Christmas party, or like one of my link-friends (DawnTreader) does with the movie nights. But myself, I think I'd reach more people if I was a little more outgoing, y'know. Not a personality change, just a priority change.

Take care & God bless

Karen said...

Have a church canned food drive. Go door to door, collect food for those in need. Give a written invitation to your church to each neighbor.
One of the complaints about churches is that they are inwardly oriented; show them your church is community-minded.

codepoke said...

I love the going door to door. That's my nature. But that's my problem. I'm not the friendly type; I'm the busy type, so when I go door to door, I go with a heavy agenda.

I liked the easter egg idea a lot. That's cute enough to make an impression without being too aggressive.

I like block parties. The church calls the party and picks a house. The house announces a block party to all the neighbors, and the church provides everything.

Take the opportunity to ask everyone if they know anyone that needs a hand. "Do you know anyone that needs a little painting done? Yardwork? We're looking to help out around the neighborhood." Most people won't admit they have needs, but might admit that their neighbors have needs.

Milly said...

We have also have had events that were open to the community.

Door knocking would be fun, it's not exactly in my comfort zone.

I’m odd that way I can talk about Jesus all day at work to the folks, I can invite them into the church, I’ve even talked to people in the grocery store, but to knock on the door isn’t the way I was raised. I know let go of that Milly, let your past stay behind you.

Kansas Bob said...

Almost every week I hear about someone who showed up because of our church website. I wonder ifanyone else has had similar experiences.

harland said...

This is God's house

Why Knock?