Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it snow

By bed time last night it was freezing rain then sleet. I drove to work at 4:30 this morning so that I had plenty of time. I had fun at work we were just busy enough to keep me out of trouble. Important. I’ll post on that later.

The sneet was really coming down throughout the day. Sneet is snow and sleet.

Late afternoon it has turned to snow, lots of snow.

Tonight I’ll dress warmly and walk outside to take in the peaceful beauty.

Tonight while having snuggle time with Miss Little, she demands it every night, I began to think about life and stuff.
I wondered how my cousin and his son are doing now that the girls have moved out. I began to think about how my marriage has outlasted some. I wonder if they will ever get over what she did. I thought about hot chocolate as we drank, would she have made it for them? Did she feel a loss today when the snow fell and the boys weren’t with them, perhaps the new man was there.

I thought about mom and how soon the date that I hate will come bringing a deep sorrow in my heart, something I still don’t understand. I should call my friend to comfort her, why can’t I dial that phone? Is it because it’s so close to that date and the snow as much as I love it, and yet a sadness in me. I loved sitting with mom watching it snow, the smell of the wood burning stove. Hot chocolate with marshmallow cream, she loved that stuff we’d find empty jars with only a spoon it them in the cupboard, after she was gone we made fudge and found one. It brought laughter to us when we felt like crying.

This mornings coldness made my heart ache for those without warmth.
My husband driving home worries me, I’m glad my sister is home safe from her trip.

Tonight I want to stand outside and scream, I won’t break the silence so the scream stays within.

I know that I’m blessed with more than I’m worthy I feel my sin I know it by name.


byevad said...

Girl, I love the winter and a fresh fallen snow too!

I also love your free association posts where you dump it all out for the world to see. It makes me feel that much closer to you and understanding what you may be going through.

I don't know how Ali and I have made it through what we've made it through this long either... nothing but the grace of God.

I'll pray for you, your cousin, and your friend.

Kansas Bob said...

You have been tagged! ... hey it's snowing ... what else do you have to do :)

harland said...

Enjoy Snow
But at such incidents, god should help us.