Sunday, November 19, 2006

I climb

Forgive me Lord for standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up and think it too mighty of a climb to even start. I tarried so long in the meadow chasing after butterflies with nonsensical dreams, picking flowers things fade and die in my hands.

Forgive me for giving the glory to myself when I began to climb, prideful to see how quickly and how far I made it on my own, never stopping to realize my view was your creation as I took a breath and marveled at the land below. I could not see that the footholds were planned by You.

As I climb my mountain I realize this climb is my judgement each reach each foot step is being judged. I am thankful for the blood of forgiveness when I’m feeling alone in my climb, you were forgotten in the moment of my sin. Forgive me for not realizing it was your hand that reaches for me when I’m hanging from those rocks. It was you who kept me warm when I slept in that cold dark cave of the unknown.

Thank you Lord for the stars at night and the sun in the day. It is your was your creation growing so beautifully amongst the rocks, your creation given what is needed by you to thrive in such a harsh place to seed and live on.

Thank you Lord for the love that has gotten me to the summit. I fall to my knees and thank you for the view of your creation that you have given me.


Missy said...

Father, I raise my hands to you in awe,
my tiny voice as loud as it can be.
You deserve more than I can possibly give,
but only desire what I am able to.
Your unbelievable grace cradles me,
you send your saints wisdom to feed to us all...

Thanks, Milly, for the prayer (I followed codepoke's suggestion)

DugALug said...

Hand-Turkeys are cool.


Tom said...
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