Monday, April 03, 2006

Swim Win

I am not one who thinks winning is important . . . except when it comes to my children.

I was the standing on the side of the pool yelling mom Sunday. Where did that voice come from? I thought afterwards. My six year old Minnie wanted to enter the swim meet. I entered her thinking she would have a great time and most likely not win.

When she dove into the water she swam her little heart out, beating the others by yards. When she climbed out she looked at me huffing and puffing for air, they had to swim an actual lap across the pool like the big kids do, she smiled at me and said "I didn’t think I was gonna make it." She never gave up in spite of the fact that she was doubtful.

The second event was a duck race they hold on to large foam ducks (Paddle board type things)She took the lead from the get go and never lost it.

She also came with her own cheering section. Her grandfather, a family friend, an aunt, father, brother, and mom. I wasn’t the only one yelling for her to swim.

I have seen my son compete before and when it’s a team sport I’m much better at being nice. The first time I watched a little people soccer game the parents made me cry. They were so mean to the kids. No one should hear "pull your head out" especially a six year old. I guess I need to be a bit tougher. I can watch grown ups play and listen to the rude things that people say, not the little ones.

I’m hoping that my children will stick with swimming. It’s so good for them.

My son is like I am with sports let me watch them I just don’t have it in me to play them to win. I’ve tried tennis, racket ball, football, and bowling. Racket ball was the worst I played with two guys who suddenly became Macho Men, sweaty, stinky, I will take you out for that little blue ball men, one of them was the guy I was dating at the time. I walked, no. . . stomped out bruised and grossed out.

What is it that makes us want to win?

My brother and sister have it they want to win every competition.

I am only like that with cards I like them, I play them, and I don’t mess around. I may be singing and laughing but rest assured I am plotting my strategy. I can hold more than twenty cards in one hand with them fanned out. I love it when I get out done I makes me better. Too bad I don’t get to play often. I think my husband is in fear that I will run our friends off.

I think it’s healthy to want to win, it make you try harder.

Good thing we don’t have to compete for God’s love, I probably get an elbow in the face again.


codepoke said...

Hehehe. Minnie Milly. That's great. You're tired of that by now? Congrats on a great meet.

Don't you dare toughen up about parents yelling at 6 year olds. That's horrible. And shame on your racquetball buddies for forgetting they were playing with a lady.

Keep having fun!

Milly said...

I WAS dating one. Not the reason we split up. I think he knew I didn't want to be a farm wife.