Monday, April 24, 2006

Brothers and Sisters???

Hmm. . . Are we being reluctant to say that those who aren’t Christians aren’t our brothers and sisters?

Can we say that and not feel a tug in our hearts?

Are we not to show examples by keeping our arms and our hearts open to our family members, even the lost ones?


Milly said...

I'll add my views after I hear from others.

codepoke said...

Are the two opposed?

I mean, if God is not the Father of a family member of mine, can't I still open my heart and arms to them? We are commanded to do as much, even with our enemies.

Have I closed my heart to anyone?

Milly said...

Here’s my opinion.

God created man and woman, His children we are all blessed to have Him as a father. You are all my brothers and sisters. I would refuse to say that you aren’t. If we are to be a family, we are to pray for the lost ones, we are to morn the death of them praying that in that moment they knew what we know that He is the Father. Growing up COC I wasn’t exactly told this. Growing up in the world I have come to realize it.

I started to look up scripture then realized that the reason I asked this question was because it hit my heart. How can someone not want to love those not saved? (I understand that some are doing horrible unspeakable things) I loved someone who did unspeakable things. I would sit alone and pray that he would see that he needed to see the face of God before his death. It was coming soon and I couldn’t imagine him not going to Heaven. I was assured that he had become a Christian before he past away. I am thankful that our Lord has an open heart for us, that He keeps His arms open to us, that He let horrible things happen to Him for us, all of us, and that we just have to ask for Him to forgive with all that our hearts can and He will let us eat the Heavenly fruit salad.

Thanks Brothers.