Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Flipped This Day

Sunday’s bring magnificence.

Saturday I ate cheese, new Mexican place in the area, and worked in the yard. Today I woke with a head banger, plus I’m itchy. Yes, I know better, my son told me several times to stop eating the cheese. I tried stop working outside when I got hot.

Anyway. . . I had a head ache. I took something and went back to bed. My husband went to church to unlock while I attended to our children. I said to them as they wondered down "Please go eat ,fix your own, I have to finish getting ready." Did they? NO. My son looks at me and says "Mom shirts" I look at him with a very big warning look on my face and say "Don’t even start this" He has at least twenty or so shirts in his room. Those aren’t his favorites, he has always been picky about his shirts so I shouldn’t be surprised. He wore a garage sale Eskimo Joe’s shirt (Note these were the number two collected shirts in the world) until it was nothing but strings. He didn’t wear the replacement one, same color and same model. www.eskimojoes.com

I drove them to church then walked my daughter to class. It was great, I don’t usually get to do that, she pulled me to her class room. I actually had time to speak to her teacher, I try to make sure that they are ready for me to leave. I ask if they need anything. I don’t mind fetching coffee for the folks that are teaching such an important subject.

When I walked through of foyer I wasn’t just hugged. . . I was kissed on the cheek a very loving hug and kiss. Wow! I so love that man. He’s an elder and a man who lets God shine through.

I sat relaxing for a while in the booth then wandered down for some hugs from friends.

After services we had a mission trip meeting, my son sat next to me with his arm around me. :-}

Then we were off to LTC drama rehearsals. I was brought lunch. I’m praying that it will all fall into place. Some of the kids are so young and wiggly.

I then drove to the swim meet. She swam her heart out.

My sister took the kids to a movie. While my husband and I went shopping. He still holds my hand and opens the car door for me. I purchased a wedding ring for me to wear to work. I don’t want to lose a diamond from one. (I have two sets and an anniversary ring. Just the one husband)

The man and I enjoyed a quiet dinner together and relaxed on the sofa.

It was a good Sunday.

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