Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Kids say the funniest stuff sometimes.

My Littles never stops moving unless she’s asleep so when she said "I have boo boos and I do nothing" she holds her arms out then moves them to her legs. If you knew her you would laugh. She’s a dare devil. She’s the big dog’s best friend, a bird watcher, (nested in the back yard, praying the dog doesn’t eat it) she jumps and climbs everything, and she is everywhere.
I need a nap just watching her. ~,~

I keep wondering when she will land in the ER. See it’s not if, it’s when.
The boy is cautious he knows what it’s like to feel pain. He burned his hand on the oven coils at mom’s and had three stitches from bending over. Yep, he bent over and caught his eyebrow on the bed. See no crazy flying leap from the sofa to the coffee table. His sister’s favorite game.
A friend use to tell me that my garden angel was putting in OT when I drive. Thank God. Her angel must need a vacation. I wonder if he had to retire early? Do they switch? Think they train new ones on her, you know trial by fire?

God gave me one with so much spirit. I’m so thankful.*~* I was very shy and clingy as a child.
I ran away once. I was about 3 or 4. I walked right up that hill to the home my dad worked at. That’s right all the way next door to the people who knew me, I was rewarded with candy and a soda then I walked back. To my amazement mom hadn’t missed me in fact they didn’t even know that I was running away until I was about thirty when Miss M**** and I laughed about her taking care of me. Feeding me candy etc. . .

My daughter would try to get to her grandfather’s house or her aunt’s lickety split if the mood struck her. Thank God it hasn’t yet.

I am thankful for outgoing children. My husband and I were both shy growing up.
If you knew us you wouldn’t think we were. He was a drummer in a band and I was a theater major in college.

God watch over our children as they grow away from us, help us to see that each step away is a step to their life as adults. Please let them remember that we are always watching them. We pray that you are always remembered in each day of their precious lives.

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