Monday, March 20, 2006


The alarm played That’s what I Love About Sundays at 7:01 am Sunday morning. Not 7:00 because it’s to regimented for me. I pushed the snooze putting Craig Morgan on hold for six minutes. I pulled the blanket up to my chin and tried to relax for the next six, when Raymond’s in his Sunday best. It’s cold and wet outside. Don’t get me wrong it’s a blessing the burn ban has lifted for now. Not today just let me stay home and sleep next to the man I love, I think as I close my eyes.

  • I have no choice I had to brave the cold tile and get ready for several reasons.

  • My children are devastate when they don’t go to church. They will actually try to fake being well to go.

  • I was expected to be in the sound booth.

  • I need to hear the word of God.

It’s not just the cold that is making me want to stay. There is a very large elephant in our church. It has been fed way too much and is continuing to grow.

While I sat putting on my make up I start to speak with my husband. He has different views than I do and we have no trouble saying how we feel. So I’m putting my make up on and doing my hair while we talked about the elephant. Sometimes it’s hard knowing things. Why can’t I be a pew sitting woman, happy to just relax and soak it in? When did I stop doing that? I wonder. This morning we are in agreement something needs to be done about the elephant.
I know that I could be just a bit tired of the place. We’ve changed a zillion light bulbs. No they didn’t all burn out at once, when you have a lift and the scaffolding you change them all. We still had a few things to finish up Saturday. When we arrived we were greeted with a much needed hug, a real on the one where the huger doesn’t let go for awhile and you soak in every second of it. She also shared her concerns.

So there I was in the bathroom getting ready Sunday and I started to vent about the darn elephant.

Aaarrrggg. . . . Just talk about it! I was sure that I was getting loud because I sounded loud to myself. The frustrating thing is that none will be able to sit down and dialog until the big event is over. That thing has it’s own elephant. And until it’s over and everyone has decompressed the pachyderms are free to roam about eating and growing.

So here it is Sunday and for the first time I’m worried about church. I love that place it feels like home to me and my family. I don’t want to even think about changes.

Let it go and get dressed I tell myself .

My daughter brings a ray of sunshine. She is dressed and ready to go. Brushed and fluffed. No sending her back up the steps to change. Thank you Lord.

I wonder why they have painted the darn elephant pink.

We after going back into the house for a left item, no son one pare of pants isn’t enough for a week at your grandfather’s . A blessing my father loves my children and my son chooses to spend time with him. Thank you Lord.

They giggle at my joke in the car (sounds of Heaven) and my husband laughs at what I said to him. Humor is wonderful, God gave us that. Thank you Lord.

I was ready to throw my cell phone at the person who called during services. Bad timing clearly thing weren’t going too well. I stopped taking communion when brought, Codepokes post. Now I set it to the side. It brings peace during a hectic time. It’s a God thing. Thank you Lord.

The music was great it feels good to be a part of that. I don’t sing well and fill in the parts I don’t know with my own words. Improve training. He found a way to make me part of it. Thank you Lord.

We had a Baptism. Thank you Lord.

They have put the elephant in the church and we can all see it. It’s big and pink and is just roaming around . Why can’t they just talk openly about it?

We had a visiting minister. His microphone is cutting out and we can’t fix it. It smooths out a bit so I relax and listen to what he brings me. Thank you Lord.

He says "Jesus doesn’t just love you He likes you" What! What! Oh man now. . .AHHHH!
If I were in bed covers pulled up I wouldn’t have heard this. We shouldn’t just love someone we should like them. Okay. . . I love my enemies my fellow men and women . . .like. . . honestly. . . like. . . that’s a stretch. I have to work on that. It has honestly consumed me since he said it. I need to hear it. Thank you Lord.

I am leading the LTC dramas this year. We have a lot of kids and very little time. I have a parent volunteer to help and was able to split the group. I had to write one script. I prayed that God gave me the words and will bless this great group of children. I wrote the script rather quickly. Thank you Lord.

The elephant is large and neon pink and I’m not a keep quiet lady.

I will when the time is right, rope it and ride it into the conference room. God will give me the ability to say look see it now it big pink and is wearing Marti Gras beads, let’s talk about it. Not in my time, my time comes with a quick temper and a loud voice. I’ve yelled about stuff before not realizing how loud I was until the minister’s eyes grew wide. He remained calm and spoke quietly. Thank you Lord

God loves and likes me. WOW! Thank you Lord!


codepoke said...

Praise the Lord that He likes us!

And that He loves us, and likes us even when we are keeping elephants.

And that He loves us, and likes us, and is drawn to us even when we are trying to flush out elephants, and doing it all wrong. ;-D

Praise the Lord.

Thanks for a wonderful look into your Sunday. Your family sounds like a joy.

(BTW, I whine about communion being much less than it could be, but I thank the Lord every time I get to partake in that teeny little cracker and cup. He has made us one.)

Milly said...

Thank you.

I needed to go back to the heart of worship. The cross. I set the tiny widdle food to the side until it's able to be big. You help me realize that I needed to do that.

Milly said...

The elephant is getting bigger. :-{

harland said...

Thanks God that he likes all of us.

To keep likeing by him, ne need to do little worships to him.