Monday, March 27, 2006

It's a listen to opera day

My daughter is trying to push my buttons. My new job is eating my brain.
I need Bryn Terfel today to calm my being.
I am thankful for music .


codepoke said...


Thought I would mention that I think there is hope for me and opera. Watching Cirque de Solei is one of my favorites, and it's all about the music.

I have watched it and been moved to tears several times. I was amazed at what human talent and discipline can accomplish. Then one day I watched it with the sound off (I do this often with sports) and was completely unmoved. It was never the gymnastics that were touching me. It was the music the whole time, as it blended with the gymnastics.

I hold out hope.

Milly said...

:-} Listen to Bryn Terfel. It makes me laugh and relax and yes cry.

Danny Kaye said...


Tiggers do not like opera!

But give me a great Broadway showtune or some really SuWeet Irish' I be hooked!

Milly said...

Danny Kaye,

Bryn Terfel sing that stuff too.Check him out.

Remember***The chalice with the palace holds the brew that is true.

Milly said...

Bugs Bunny likes opera.