Tuesday, March 21, 2006


She walks the streets of S&G, she is home this is the only place she wants to be. She steps over a drunk and moves on without a thought. She ignores cries of help and the sin in the streets as she goes to the home of a friend.

The women sit around gabbing about the husbands how they don’t measure up. They laugh as they drink wine and smoke. What are you complaining about your husband is great? One woman says to her. Please don’t get me started on that one. She says as the slave fills her glass. She smiles a sly smile at him. Not that one the mistress of the house says. I’ve got better. They laugh.

I’m thinking of having some work done. Really? they lean in. Yes the works. I want to look younger than my youngest. That’s a lot of work one woman says. They all laugh.
She feeds and takes care of her daughters that are still left at home then sits on the sofa to relax in front of the television. The mob show is on the one about hookers in Nevada. That’s the life for me, she thinks as she watches. She has just settled in when her husband comes storming in with two men. She had never seen the likes of them. They frighten her. He begins to bark orders at her. She hastens to gather food for them with her husband. She can hardly speak. To process this is to admit that God exists.

The sounds of a crowd forming makes her tremble. She knows that this will bring trouble. Send the men out! They demand. Her husband steps outside to speak with the men who have come to harm the strangers. He knows most. He begs for them to let the men be. Then he offers his daughters to them. She is stunned, They are promised to other men. He now offers them to those filthy pigs! Anger rises in her toward the strangers and her husband.

The two men tell her husband at the coming of dawn the city will be destroyed they led her and her family out and away from the city, her home her friends, her life. They were told not to look back to flee for their lives.

Genesis 19:26
But Lot's wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

It doesn’t say then she fell on the ground begging for mercy for her friends. I don’t think she looked back as we do when we see a wreck or the way we looked when Oklahoma city and 911 happened. She spiritually looked back at her sin.

How many times do we spiritually look back at our sin? Sin is beautiful. The product of it is ugly. Sin taste good and looks good to us. That’s why we do it. Yes smoking taste bad and you have to keep doing it to enjoy it. The lure of sin is tempting and it is fun to be bad sometimes. If all sin were ugly to us we’d have nothing to worry about Jesus wouldn’t have died for us and we’d be living in the Garden of Eden.

Do you still turn back to your sin longing to live in that destroyed rubble of your life?

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