Wednesday, March 22, 2006


God sends us such great moments, just when I thought "Great now I have to go to the fair grounds to help set up" my daughter says from the back seat "The reason I wore flip flops is that it makes me look seven." It’s cold and we may get snow. To a six-year-old seven is big. I said "Well then if I wear them will I look younger?" "Mom your toes are too big they will stick out and, and be stuck here and the big one there" I can’t argue with that, I do have fat feet.

I got a hug, held a kid, and I helped move some boxes then headed for church for sound check. I taped a cord and did some grunt work.

Spoke to someone about the elephant. Not sure he heard me.

We had a Baptism before the event. Way cool. Sends some perspective my way.

God sent some great people to sing tonight. I loved watching them play during sound check. You can see that they love praising the Lord. Best friends, Durant, Watershed, New Reign, and others.

It has me pumped up for the rest of the week. :-}Even though the water heater just blew. :-} God will provide

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harland said...

Blind believe in god is also not a good practise

Think & Act Practically also