Thursday, June 07, 2007

What did Jesus do for you?

I know that this may seem like and odd question but I been in discussion about who Jesus is to me and I’ve been reading a bit about the way churches are going for the "It’s all good" or "We shouldn’t worry about wanting it all" so now we worship the want for instead of at His feet.
What does your Savior do for you?

I can tell you that I gave a big thank you to God after really looking at my car this week. It hit me hard when we cleaned it out and I saw the way the bed of the trunk is pushed up. The person who hit me could have killed someone that night. I might have actually saved a family from watching their child die, most of the damage was on the side where I put my daughter. I think that God put me on that road at that time to save someone, in turn He kept me safe.

Jesus saved me. when He went to the cross. He saves me over and over again because I sin over and over again.

What did He for you?


Missy said...

Jesus gave me love and the ability to have real love for others.

Kansas Bob said...

Jesus gave me friends in bloggerville :)

Mark said...

Jesus got my little sis through a bumpy ride!

rrbj said...

Morning Milly, Jesus gave me friends in bloggerville also but He gave me everything I have or hope to have ! Blessings. Ron.

preacherman said...

I know it has been a while since I have visited your blog. God was watching out for you. I want you to know that He has a purpose for your life. Jesus your more than you can begin to conprehend. His grace is deeper than you can grasp. I pray that your relaitonship and knowledge of God will grow and you will understand your calling through this mircle. I want you to know you sharing this testimony has strengthened may faith today. Thank you.

Milly he saved my life from GBS once again to spead the good news of Jesus Christ. We serve such a great and wonderful God. Nothing happens by chance, but only but the grace of the Lord Jesus. I am a living testimony and you as well. Again thanks for sharing yours. I am indeed strengthened in the Lord Jesus Christ.

harland said...

Jesus, gave me that strength and confidence to fight and overcome problems of my life.