Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Last night I began to think about a woman that I worked with many years ago and how great she was. I began to think about the women who have been an influence in my life and why.
Here’s a list and what they have shown me.

  • Jo- Gave me a view from a single mother raising great children. She worked two jobs and not once did she feel the need to ask for a handout. She’s a great God loving women.

  • Miss Mary- She has grace and a wonderful way of giving you love. I ran away when I was a little one and went right to her. We lived all that way next door.

  • Kathy-Courage and the ability to work hard. She has shown me that you can live anywhere.
    Mom- She knew how to make you feel comfortable always willing to make coffee. I was her favorite and she was my best friend.

  • Aunt Mary-She gave me the theater.

  • Granny C.- Dignity , you don’t chew gum in public. She gave me opera and classical music.

  • Granny B- Hugs and mischief. That’s where I get it from.

  • My sister- Drive, she wants it she works for it. She doesn’t bend the rules. She loves children.

  • Vicki- She’s what a boss should be. I learned to get to know my staff because she got to know me.

  • Aunt J. & Aunt B.- Loud and loving even when they are so wrong.

  • My sister-in-law- She had just joined this family when mom left us we were so blessed to have someone take care of us. She named her child after me and a wonderful child she is. My sister-in-law is fun and smart. (I so could say something about ya bro.)

  • My Mother-in-law-Raised seven kids while her husband worked several jobs to support them then went to work herself. Both of them cancer survivors.

    There are so many people who come and go in our lives some stay for a long time others touch us for a moment but we are changed by them. Those women gave me things that I will always treasure. I’m sure that I have more to add to the list but these are the ones that came to mind first.

I thank God for sending me people to learn from.


Mark said...

Nice, but I am not sure I agree with who was Mom's favorite. Which is a great quality, we all think we were her favorite.

pearlie said...

A great list - a good way to thank the special people in our lives.

Milly said...

Bro you were spoiled, she liked me best. ;-)

Mark said...

I was spoiled? Hello kettle, thy name is pot!

Milly said...

I'm tell'n daddy!