Saturday, June 16, 2007

This morning my son left for another mission trip.

Update on my son. He is in the ER with an IV seems the altitude got the best of him.

It has occurred to me that with each passing year he get a bit closer to becoming a man. I know he’s only thirteen right now but he will soon be fourteen and before I know it I see what measure of a man I have raised.

I want him to be a good man like my father, hardworking like my husband, and I want him to know God.

I want him to learn to support himself and be happy in what he does.

Most of all right now I want him to be safe.

I want him to be the hands and feet of Jesus while helping those in need.

I want him to use the soap I packed
Hey I’m still his mom I know what the boy does.


Mark said...

That soap is not coming out of it's wrapper, your best hope is that he go swimming

salguod said...

I went to a week long summer camp when I was about 12 and never used the soap. I was a shy kid and didn't like the thought much of a community shower (even though there were individual stalls), so I didn't.

I guess I was quite the dirt ball when I came home.

Boys will be boys. :-D

larry said...

You should be very proud of your son at such a tender age willing to use his talents to help others.

Please don't let the soap be PINK!

Kansas Bob said...

Praying for you son today Milly. With a mom like his I see bright thingsin his future.

Blessings, Bob

laymond said...

We at my house pray your son recovers fully and quickly. may God bless

pearlie said...

I am praying that your son will get well soon.

harland said...

That soap is not coming out of it's wrapper, your best hope is that he go