Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My new car

I’ve decided not to get a small economy car due to the fact that some one decided to drive into my Blazer. I’m getting a Equinox.

I’m told that more and more folks aren’t carrying insurance or they aren’t legal so that when they end up in an accident they bail. That leaves you out of the money to pay for the damage. This was the second time someone hit me and didn’t have to pay. My insurance company didn’t seem to care to go after the person who did this to me. I guess they have so many of these cases that it just isn’t worth the cost.

It seems that you can now plow into someone and take off without any punishment. Now I will say that the person who hit me did total that car and most likely felt a bit of pain the next day. And in my first accident the man has a bench warrant out for him in the state of Oklahoma not that it means a lot because he lives in Hawaii, is an ex-con, who was into fraud. I’m betting that he never gets busted for hitting me.

Do you think the fact that cars are so expensive, gas prices are crazy, and insurance is high that more and more people aren’t able to afford to pay for insurance?

I could see how a family trying to just make ends meet might let some things slide like paying insurance. Sure it isn’t right but to see your children not have the necessities or hide from bill collectors is difficult. Then again we don’t live in our means either. I see people purchasing things that aren’t needed. They talk of how hard times are as they watch cable television.

Our emergency rooms are full of people who don’t have insurance and don’t have family doctors. I spent hours waiting to be seen, in fact when they asked me about the accident I’d say it happened at about 10:45 pm last night. The person would then look at the clock and smile. I’d think "Yes it’s now that early in the morning"

I think that Clinton was on to something when he wanted to do something about health care.


laymond said...

Milly we have a second chance at a Clinton, but there are those who want to tear her down before we see who she really is. It will be really hard for anyone to repair what has been done to us, yes us and U.S. The old saying "you can't go home again" comes to mind. but I sure long for the not to distant past. The big problem is those who are most effected, are those who don't bother to vote, which brings to mind another saying "Am I my brothers keeper" yes we are. We need to work for the good of the country, we all know how bad things are. may God Bless

Danny Kaye said...


I may not agree with your political views...But I will agree that your new cars is REALLY cute!

Thankfully, I have not had first hand experience with hit and runs, but I know folks who have, and it seriously IRKS me to no end. I wish people would just be resposible and do the right thing. Perhaps that is asking too much from my fellow human beings?

I don't blame you for getting a bigger vehicle. If I could afford something newer/larger than my 98 Hyundai Accent, I would go for it in a heartbeat. For now, I guess I'll just thank God that you are ok and that you got a realy sweet vehicle. ;-)

Mark said...

Much better color!

byevad said...

Politics aside (it's still WAY too early in my opinion): I think you're on to something. Part of it is big business. The other part you hit the nail on the head: Americans spend beyond their means.

I forget the exact number, but the average savings per year for a citizen of the US is negative. So we're either not making enough money or we're spending it unwisely. I know that I fall into the latter category. Since November of last year, we've revamped our family budget in order to build up a savings cushion. It's not been easy, and we're not building it very fast, but we are building it!

Unfortunately, the home repairs we're getting done are going to take a nice big chunk out of that... :(

Like many Americans, we over-spent on our house. We don't have a McMansion, but we could have been very comfortable in a smaller abode...

Kansas Bob said...

Cool new car ... I like it!!

How about "Universal Car Insurance" and "Health Insurance" ... I can sense Hillary smiling :)