Thursday, June 28, 2007

Temper, ill, or possessed?

Tuesday night a friend dropped her kids off for a while to play with my kids while she went to listen to her husband’s band play. When she came to pick up her young ones we stared to talk about the headlines being full of men murdering family lately. She said that she thought that they just become so demon possessed that they kill. I wasn’t raised in a family that spoke of such things as being possessed by demons and in reading the Bible I thought of those beings as something in the past and definitely bad horror movies. I had looked at those Hollywood creatures as jokes or just something I didn’t want to see.

Are these men possessed?

Does it describe the possessions in the Bible as being that evil to you?

I don’t find where it says that they were murdering the family.

What I think is that we have to find a nice neat reason to rationalize these things so that we can sleep at night in peace. If we are in Christ then a demon can’t be in us so no problem here and we rest in peace. Hmmm sorry bad way of saying it. We sleep at night thinking all is well.
As I began reading what others have written on this subject I realized that many think if you have some illness then you have a demon. That is a difficult burden on those who believe that. I knew a lady who felt her child would be healed if she weren’t holding back from God. I couldn’t hold that burden and I’m sure that God doesn’t want me to have to hold that burden.

If all illnesses are demon possessions then why aren’t Christians exempt from getting sick?

I would have rather had my body heal itself then deal with surgery but it wasn’t going to happen. I don’t believe it was a demon in me that caused my body to fail like that. To lay blame on a demon seems to be saying it wasn’t a thing and we in life have to deal with things.
Blaming demons for our bodies and tempers just don’t seem to cut it with me.

We weren’t put here to be perfect.

That’s right we were set up to fail and fail we must. Fail we must some of you are raising an eyebrow or two right now. Yes. You are going to fail and when you do how you react and how you recover is key. Did you walk away from God when things went wrong in your life and did you stay away?

God waits for us to pick our stupid selves up and run to Him.
It’s key that we get up and go to Him don’t stop to dust yourself off God will make you clean.


laymond said...

Milly you are right our bodies are weak and inperfect, and as you say I don't see any example of Jesus cutting a demon from any body with a knife. but that said demons exist today just as they did in Jesus time demons are spiritual they can't harm you physically but they can make you harm yourself or others if you let them. May God Bless

karen said...

Evil exists now, just as in the past. The Bible tells us that spirits do exist.I've experienced some pretty scary things.
That said, no, all illness is not demonic, stuff happens in a fallen world. Part of the journey is for us to rely on the Lord for His leading in such matters. I feel that I am healed of much, perhaps not cured, but healed through Him.
I don't know what "possesses" these men to do the things they are doing. If Benoit, for instance, was heavy into testosterone and such, a consequence of that drug abuse could have been the cause.

laymond said...

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laymond said...

This may make access easier let me try.

Milly said...

I do think that those demons exist, I’ve felt the presence of evil but I also think that it was more of a bad temper, wanting someone else, drugs, or just flat going crazy. We have illnesses they aren’t demons.

For someone to say that you or I are possessed and that’s why we are in pain and if we would be closer to God is a bit hard to take. Yes I have heard stuff like that. It’s also a way for a family to attempt to justify a bad temper.

pearlie said...

Temper, ill or possessed? is a good question. I have seen people who are demon possessed when I was very young and it was very real. But now that I am older, I tend to rationalise and when I see something alike, I would first question if it is psychological rather than if it is demonic. But I have heard enough to know that it is real, especially where I live in a world still rich in the belief of animism.

But you are right on the count that for us who are filled with Christ, the demons have no place in us. And our temper, our illnesses are very much because of our fallen state.

Smith said...

Temper, ill or possessed? is a good question.