Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It was a bumpy ride

Last night as I drove home from work, minding my own business while singing with the radio I felt a bump from behind. Not a little tap a break my seat send stuff flying tap. I stopped to process what had just happened while looking for my cell phone I saw the car pass me. I then wanted as it pulled to the side rather far from where I sat.

When the officer arrived he had me move from the far lane to behind the car that hit me. I knew that I wasn’t going to see the person driving the car when I saw the officer put his hand on his gun. "He bailed" I thought. I watched as the police officer looked around. He was long gone. It was funny to hear the officer explain how far I was compared to how far the abandoned car was. The other officers kept asking if I saw anyone. He kept saying she was way back there she couldn’t have seen them.

So far the car wasn’t reported stolen. That’s good news if they are legal. They didn’t find insurance papers in the car. Once again I’m hit without anyone but me to pick up the tab.
The police were more then nice about it all. They ware very careful with me and made sure I was safe. I give those folks a lot of gratitude for what they do and will be thanking them with a letter to the station.

My husband and a friend came as soon as they could to rescue me. We dropped the kids at her home and went to the hospital to have me checked out. BTW the ER wasn’t fun so much. It took forever. When they asked me about what happened I said last night at . . . . they thought it was funny but honestly it took hours to be seen. I’m a sticker about seat belts and I stick to the speed limit. I’m sore and have some good drugs but I’m fine. God was watching over me last night.


Kansas Bob said...

Your post reminded me of the cartoon with the skeleton waiting in the ER waiting room. It is so frustrating when you already have problems to have to wait so long.

Glad you are safe and (pretty) sound Milly. Hope things go well in the aftermath.

Healing Blessings, Bob

Kansas Bob said...

For your enjoyment here is the post with the the ER cartoon.

Mark said...

When did you start driving the speed limit? Glad your ok, and the kiddo's were not in the car.
May be time for something other than red, in a car.

Missy said...

So sorry, Milly I am so glad you are okay, and pretty inspired by your attitude. I'm praying that all the hassles that come with the aftermath pass peacefully.

salguod said...

Glad you're OK, although it looks like your truck isn't.

reminds me of the time my wife was stopped at a light and suddenly the car was smashed into the van ahead. She had no idea what happened. Looking behind, there was no one there.

Her car was seemingly intertwined with the van. The van driver got out, looked and said "Let me see if I can pull forward." He could and looking at his van said "Well, I'm OK, see ya" and off he went.

So there's my wife, kid #1 (18 months at the time) crying in the car, alone at the side of the road with a damaged car and no idea what happened.

Thankfully, she and daughter were fine. At first glance, there was no damage to the rear of the car, but the front damage was severe enough that it was clear that she didn't just roll into the van. Further investigation revealed a slight misalignment of the rear bumper, hard to see but there. She had been rear ended but no one saw the offending driver. The body shop confirmed it when they took it apart.

I hope you're able to get it sorted out OK.

Milly said...

Thanks to all for your concern.

I realized today why my garage door opener ended up under my seat. It hit my head first.


I’m picky about the speed and wearing my belt and have been for a very long time Bro. After looking at where the car seat was I was really glad to be the car alone.

It looks like a bent frame. Glad you wife and little were ok. Being ok is important.

pearlie said...

Hey Milly,
I am glad you are ok. Sorry about the truck but at least it can be fixed. The most important is you are ok :)

larry said...

Dent & dash is quite popular in CA. Seems like very few people see the need to carry insurance anymore. I'm to old to run; thus my need for insurance.

Red is like a bulls-eye, perhaps a nice white SUV would be safer.

laymond said...

Glad you are OK

Patchouli said...

Milly, I am so glad you are okay. Those accidents are terrifying. We were in a similar accident last summer--and I watched the guys bail and run away--and were never found. Avoid Dallas if possible!

byevad said...

Mil-gurl. I'm so glad you're okay.

Folks that run away from the things that they're responsible for really steam me up.

I will pray that things go smoothly with insurance and what not.