Monday, February 05, 2007

The tests were all in fun.

As the political sphere gets closer to us deciding who will be the lesser of two evils folks seem to be getting more and more charged up. I already know how I’m going to vote. Yes I have already made that determination. I’m not one who enjoys the battle of words on these things because it seems that others end up in the fallout.

DougAlug you’re a sweet man and you know I love you so please know that we as Dems aren’t the evils that you try to portray us as.

Laymond you too have a great heart and you know I love you. You in no way offended me in standing up for your rights or mine.

Here’s what I have found in debating politics those who believe that no republican has ever had an abortion believe it. Some seem to think that it’s the only issue in town. It isn’t.

I try not to put all of the republicans in one pot of soup. Let’s try that for all mankind.


DugALug said...


Love right back at you ;), but I must say more:

I'm certainly not a Republican, and based on your score on that test, you are not a democrat (Only 44% if my memory serves me correctly).

It seems to me though, that Republicans are far closer to my ideals than Democrats. Like many conservatives, I end up voting for Rep's because there is no better choice.

My point is that on a whole, republicans AREN'T conservatives, though there are more conservative republicans then there are conservative Democrats: Sam Nunn, for instance, from GA, was a conservative Democrat that I certainly would have considered voting for.

In saying all this, there are unpassable lines in the sand for me, and many others like me. One is abortion. It is the taking of innocent life and should be treated as such. It seems that when a politician fails on this basic issue, my other pet peaves seem to topple too.

I've never had an abortion, but I've also never put my hand in a meat grinder, yet I know it is wrong for me to do.

Government has proven time and time again that it can't run things efficiently. Why should we trust them with more of our money and institute more social programs?

These 'evil' corporations make the jobs that middle class reaps its income from. Yes people (like CEO's) get rich, but the larger benifit goes to the middle class.

If dems like Joe Biden, and H. Clinton has a better solution to Iraq, why aren't they chiming up until now? You can answer this one of three ways:

1) They don't: I think they are all a bunch of clueless politicians, so I can accept this.

2) They care more about the political leverage of a failing war than the actual lifes affected by them 'withholding' their solution.

3) They have been suppressed by their own party from expressing this view: which leads us back to item #2

4) They are anti-republican. So they are contrary for the sake of being contrary.

Anyway, try not lumping me with the Rep's because I don't like the taste of their soup

God Bless

Milly said...

Did you take the test? It says that it’s a parody. It nailed me and made me laugh because of the questions.

As for the things that big corporations do , my husband and I work for them and my X-CEO did rather well as he left. Sure they generate jobs but the big dogs eat the little dogs. My uncle knows this too well his company did a job for one of the big dogs, an oops in paperwork and he and the men didn’t get paid for a long time. The company didn’t care. This BTW was a clear that they did it job, ya can’t miss those big things.

It’s easy to look at one or two comments and/or issues and condemn all of those who are what they are. It sounds as if you and I agree more politically it’s just a difficult thing on these blogs because you can’t really talk it out. I’ll take you out of that Rep soup pot bro.

DugALug said...


Did you like that I listed 4 ways rather than three? I thought it was brilliant. So I'm a moron... at least I'm generally a happy one.

You are right about using solitary instances to lump a whole group. Commonly it is using the 1% to justify/rationalize the other 99% percent. This is why all statistics lie and why on many issues you can't get a concensus.

Here's the one that's got me in a spin this week. The global warming committee. They found that industry was "LIKELY" the cause of global warming. I thought these guys were suppose to put this debate to an end? That one word allows both sides to remain firm in their stance and assures nothing will be done: one way or the other. I am sick and tired of the double-speak of politicians.

Thank God that He doesn't pull these same games with following Him! The Bible is pretty clear.

As far as voting for the next president. I'm waiting for that cadidate that expresses actual vision: we haven't had that since 1979 (The eagles were only off a decade) I miss President Reagan!.

God Bless

Milly said...

Heh! I didn’t notice the three four thing. I campaigned for Carter. I was about to ask a question from the Reagan rep. He failed to answer. They all double speak, I think it doesn’t matter who wins this next time it’s going to take a big mop and dust pan to clean up the mess.