Monday, February 19, 2007

Rock Kicking

The gay issue seems to have popped up again. I suppose it does because we are Christians and as Christians we struggle with sin and what is sin and should we treat anyone differently and. . . and. . . and........

The Snickers commercial brought out those who are, as one of my customers said, "Homophobics" Note: this wasn’t a gay man. I have read that we should stop buying from that company. I find it to be absurd to think that it in any way was more than a big joke and in fact if I were a gay man I might be a bit offended. It did after all imply that they weren’t manly because they kissed.

I work in an environment that brings in people of all kinds. . .even manly gay men. I work with gay people several of them I adore and have invited into my home. Now as for being around my children I ask that they give the same respect that strait couples might give.

I have read so much hate for gay people from those who claim to be Christians. This troubles me. One woman actually claims to be a therapist and says that her gay clients read her blog. Gee if my therapist wrote about hating some people like she does I’d run from her.

I guess I might be a bit more open because I have and continue to sin. I try better but there was a time when I’d get up in the morning and start drinking, how about the sleeping with a man I wasn’t married to, and the cussing and and and and. I know that I’m not the only one that isn’t worthy of picking up a stone heck I’m not sure I can kick one over at this point.

I stopped smoking and drinking years ago. I’m in a committed relationship and I fail every day at not sinning. See some days I think those silly meetings just might help but the fear of being known and the fear of bringing it all back is overwhelming so I go to God. How could I condemn the people who seem to care about me when I can’t kick the rock?


laymond said...

We sure better not be waring glass slippers, if we intend to start kicking over rocks. Nor living in a glass house if we get up the nerve to throw one.

Missy said...

Jesus says he did not come to condemn the world. What a prideful skunk I am when I think I did!

Paula Harrington said...

I appreciate your blog Milly. Glad I found it. I also like what Missy said. So true.

kenneth said...

I am with you on this one. I believe when we try to cast stones at others, we have to look at where we all came from. Dead in tresspasses ands sins. Prace God for his wonderful GRACE! Yes, he saved even a wretch like me.