Saturday, February 24, 2007

bye friend

People come in and out of you life, some are so important to us that the loss is great and shakes who we are.

Some we never really knew so the loss is just a small moment in our lives.

Today after spending time with a dear friend the realization that I was about to lose a friend hit me. I went to wishing that her husband would decide to move them to a different church to them going harshly. I know that this is going to be the last strand of thread holding us together. It will hold too much anger of the church that she feels wronged him. He’s her husband and she will stand beside him. He was wrong and the last thing he did shook me hard. I have more respect for our shepherds then ever it’s hard to approach someone and tell them you can’t . . .
I have rather open views but this one was too much and I could see him ever being around my children again. I wasn’t alone. Some spoke out before I could, I’m thankful.

It’s still sad to lose a friend especially one who loved going to concerts with me.
I’ll miss watching the sunset with her and I’ll miss fishing even when she plopped the fish on my face to take it from the hook. I thank her for not laughing too hard when I fished without a hook because it was the moment that counted not catching the fish.


Corry said...

I am sorry!
You may not spend as much time with her as before, but you didn't loose your friend. The friendship you have, will go on in your hearts and with modern technology these days, she is only a phone-call away. No, it's not the same, but the love you have for eachother will remain the same.

God bless you.

God's Grace.

codepoke said...

I'm sorry, Milly. I bet you can usually hold these things together, too! You're so good at that. I pray that something happens to change the course of things.

Somehow, fishing without a hook seems like the Milliest thing on earth. Thanks for sharing that one. :-D

Missy said...

I am sorry, Milly. You are a good friend to recognize that they may need some distance to not become or stay embittered. I hope it turns out differently.

Milly said...

Thank you all for the kind words.

Larry said...

I fish with a hook and can't catch anything...

Great friendships develop over the long-haul, and hurt like crazy when something steps in and changes its direction ... sorry :(

Brian said...

Perhaps I'm overstepping my bounds here, and I realize you are being purposely vague, but it sounds like whatever church your friends end up going to might need to know why he felt the need to leave.

At one time in the CofC there was a process to "transfer" membership and the new church contacted the old one. If there is any danger to children involved I would hope that some contact would be made.

Again, I'm sorry if I'm speaking out of turn and doubly sorry that you are losing a good friend. I'll be praying that God would bring others like her into your life.

Milly said...


It's a small community these churches of ours so I have wondered if his rep will go with him. He has a list of errors I don't worry that he would ever harm a child but something he said on his blog was a bit disturbing. I haven't wanted him to lead my children for a while because he lied to me and that put it over the edge. I tried not to overreact but other parents stepped up and spoke to the shepherds. I pray that he sees how wrong he is and stops the game playing. He has a ton of talent in working with children.