Thursday, February 15, 2007

Car tunes

There is something in music that reaches out to us. It’s talked about in the Bible. We lift our voices to the Heavens. I sing in the car well not exactly singing per say more like belting the words out as loud as possible. Who doesn’t when I Believe is playing. I also tend to listen to the same song over and over again, here lately it’s Amarillo By Morning the Chris LeDoux version.
I am hooked on Baby You Save Me, I change the words up a bit to Lord You Save Me.
These are all country songs and worth the listen.

I Believe is a song about a man being a Christian and the words written in red.

Amarillo By Morning is about a cowboy doing what he does going from rodeo to rodeo.

Baby You Save Me is about a man and his love.

Does music touch you?

Do you sing in the car?

What do you like to sing?


Missy said...

1) You know it does!

2) Can't drive unless I sing.

3) "Can't Live A Day" from my Avalon "In a Different Light" Album (or anything else from that one) or jazzy tunes from Rosemary Clooney "You'll Never Know", Bette Midler "For the Boys" album, Colbie Caillat "Bubbly", Norah Jones "Turn Me On" - oh, and Eagles tunes and...

rrbj said...

Milly I like Bluegrass music ,especially Blue Grass Gospel and when I'm driving I can sing as loud as I want, because then it don't matter whether or not I carry a tune! Have a good weekend ? Ron.

salguod said...

1 - Yep, absolutely. There are songs that bring me to tears nearly every time I hear them.

2 - Yep again, and loudly. I'm usually alone, so that helps. My kids like to sing with me.

3 - I like so much music. Just about everything but R&B and rap. Love 'roots' music, you know old bluegrass, blues, country - 'merican stuff.

Lately though, I've been wearing out my 2 Casting Crowns CDs in the car ans singing to every song. So much good stuff there, it's amazing. And his voice is low enough that this Bass can hit most of it without sounding wounded. :-P

codepoke said...

Songs on my heart right now:

1) Kentucky Rain
I didn't know this was Elvis, but I love the pain in the song. It's so touching.

2) Good Ole Boys Like Me.
I don't know how many people know this song. I quoted it today on my blog. I don't know how often I have ever identified so much with a single song.

I heard "Against the Wind" the other night, too. Never one of my favorites, but it really seemed to click that night.

Milly said...

Against The Wind rocks. There is something about that song. Ahhh my past. ;-}

pearlie said...

Does music touch you?

Do you sing in the car?

What do you like to sing?
Anything I know the words to. And even if I don't, I'd still try.
At the moment I am into my older collection of CDs and I am belting out in the car all the songs in Sandi Patti's Find it on the Wings.

Great post, Milly :)

byevad said...

1) Ummm... yes!

2) Ummm... yes!

3) Ummm... yes! Er, I mean, there's all kinds of music that gets to me. I've got quite the ecclectic mix... though I'm not a big fan of Rap or opera. I even have one or two CDs that have one of those Advisory labels on them. I never wrestled so much with buying an album as I did with one of 'em. I'll only listen to 7 of the songs on the CD, but by golly if it isn't the right CD for certain situations in life sometimes! There are some great C&W songs that make me tear up just about every time, 'cause they make me think how blessed I am to have the family that God has given me...

Yeah, I'm all over the map...

Kansas Bob said...

I love listening to The Phantom of the Opera on long trips. Most of the time any more I am not in the car long enough to even turn the radio on.

Maripat said...

Does music touch you?
Most definitely.

Do you sing in the car?
Yes, alone and with my kids in the car. They yell at me to stop!

What do you like to sing?
Particularly in the car I've been singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs. That, and Beer For My Horses. Yes, I know that these two songs are on opposite ends of the spectrum, what can I say?