Thursday, January 08, 2009

My minister did the coolest thing last Sunday.

I had to take a fresh battery to him before he hit the pulpit/stage, after running around looking for him, being told to go in the wrong direction thanks to Greg. (What was I thinking listening to him?) thank God for tall men to point me in the right direction, way to hide in plain sight, I gave him the battery. He seemed shaky but it was almost go time and I had just given him a task right before. He sat in the pew then looked up at us. We try to focus on the players at hand in case they have a change of plans and need us to do something. The sermon is in the computer and notes are at hand it’s almost go time and he is staring at us. My cohort mumbles about the fact that he is looking at us. I whisper something back about it.

He came up to the booth with a slip of paper and two lines of notes on it. The scriptures are loaded I make sure the picture is changed because they weren’t right for the mood and they were too light.

He preached from the heart. I needed to hear it and I know the many others did. The sermon was real and personal. It touched me. It’s sort of sad that not everyone knows that it wasn’t planned.

My minister plans to the last detail on his sermons. He’s easy to follow when you are doing slides as long as you are awake. I’m still waiting for my Starbucks.

I love it when God leads

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Kansas Bob said...

That was definitely a cool story Milly.. a Sunday morning rarity for sure :)