Friday, January 30, 2009


I haven’t felt that inspired lately. Things around here are edgy or something. See what I mean very little inspiration.

I’m sitting at the dining room table working on the summer Disney scrapbook. I’ve lost the C in escape, I suppose it did just that. Poor lost C. I lost the dot on an i but it still seems fine.

To fill you in on things that have sucked it out of me:

My aunt is in the hospital, surgery to remove a large amount of her intestine.
My son broke his hip.
My dad is doing well but still has me on edge.
Someone in my family has Crohn’s and isn’t looking too well.
I’m having my knee worked on in February.
My friend's cancer isn't gone.
That divorce thing
I’ve lost my temper with my boss twice this last week. He’s a man so he keeps saying stupid stuff like “I know you’re a bit stressed.” And “What’s this all about?” MEN!!!!!
I had a two day migraine.

I spent some time in the car today with God crying and talking. I talked a lot about me and how He should be helping me. He let me know that he was. Yes it is about me right now because it’s my blog and I write about me and when I need to lean I need to lean. So He told me that He was right next to me with His shoulder for crying and His arms for holding. And after all, my aunt came through surgery. My attorney has made me laugh and is a Christian. My son had the best surgeon around and is making me laugh every day. My daddy is taking care of us and doing a great job and he is still with us. They found Crohn’s before it was too bad. My surgeon is a good one and a Christian. He promised to pray for my son. I’m having my knee fixed after dealing with the pain. Insurance company willing. ;-}

I may have lost a friend but I still have lots of friends who really love me.

Still I don’t want to get up too early Saturday morning. I think I’ve earned it and I did complete four pages of the scrapbook.


After eight please.

I think I need to find my Bible and keep talking to God.


Missy said...

"Yes it is about me right now because it’s my blog and I write about me..."

Amen! Been missing you 'round here, but I see you pop in once in a while. There is always much to pray for and also much to praise for. I'm always glad that you remind us to do both. Take care, girl, when you can - lean when you can't. Much love.

pearlie said...

Good to see that you are still counting the blessings from God. Stay strong and courageous in the Lord for when we are weak, then He is strong.
We may be in an "exilic" experience now as God reestablishes our lives back to Him. You may want to read books like Lamentations and Jeremiah, - Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Take care and be strong.

Kansas Bob said...

Just wanted to say that your writings touch me Milly.. I prayed for you and your boy first thing this morning.. I am believing the best.. and want you to know that I believe in you sis!

Lynne said...

Wish you were close enough to give you a big hug.
hangin' tough has a a way of draining all the sparkles out of your soul.

will pray for you and yours

DugALug said...

My heart and prayers go out to you Milly.

I know things will turn around for you quickly!

God Bless