Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The right to be angry

We agree that anger is ok. I believe that all of us have been angry at some time in our lives. Some of us more times than others.

So let me tell a few little stories.

Sarah called her husband Dan as she loaded the children into the car. He gave her several things to purchase at the store and a warning that the money in the check book was low. She managed to buckle her daughter into the car seat. Something Houdini couldn’t have done while on the cell phone. She hung up and convinced her eight year old son it get in the car with a promise that it would be a short trip to the store. As she drove she told herself both kids will be in school next fall and she will be able to shop alone. She smile at the thought of not listening to her son tell her how board he was over and over again. She won’t have to worry that when she turns her head her escape artist child will be climbing out of the cart. She almost giggled at the thought of having lunch with her girl friends in a restaurant with that doesn’t have Mc something or a toy and play area. She was suddenly snapped into the real world when she heard the screeching sound. The nest call that her husband received wasn’t that from her bride to tell him how things went at the store and how she spent too much money it was from the police.

Everything in his life has now been changed.

The noise woke Molly from her sleep. She sat up quickly confused as to why she had a horrible feeling in the depths of her heart. BANG! A second gun shot. Confusion and panic overcame her as she rushed outside. Dear God why!!!! she screamed as she fell to the ground next to her son. He is just a boy my little boy.

The police seemed not to care about her feelings as they questioned her. Father, no, no father he split after my son was born. I’ve raised Jordan and his brother by myself. Drugs? No. She shook her head as she tried to comprehend what was happening. She watched while they took photographs of her son, his life blood on the street.

A case of mistaken identity. The shooter was wrong he chose the wrong young man and her life forever changed.

Will joined the military although it must have been a hard thing for a young gay man to do. He found solacement in the arms of strangers. When the doctor told him that the lingering virus wasn’t going to ever go away because he’s HIV positive his life forever changed.

Bobby’s great with children. He loves them. When his sister called with the news that his niece wasn’t breathing he rushed to the hospital. Blunt force trauma. She died from blunt force trauma. How does a two year old. . .the boy friend? His sister? The baby sitter? Their lives forever changed.

She tries to pretend she asleep so that he won’t come into the room. She tries her best to please him but always falls short. He works hard to make a living for them, it’s not enough.

Car wrecks. . .gun shots. . .diseases. . .murder. . .hurt. . .pain. . . death. . .anguish. . . .and . . . .and . . and. . .

I know some of the people who have stories like these. Some will find God. Some found forgiveness giving us an example of how loving our Lord is. Some don’t know God and if that’s what you people think He is then no thank you.

I’m blessed because I have never been angry with God. I’ve never lost a child. I’ve never been told that the illness is going to kill me. I’ve been in a bubble of a life and I’m blessed.
Others have fallen to there knees and asked God why. They have felt the burning anger and they have a right to be angry.

She was told that he wouldn’t live but a few short days after birth and at twenty two God called him home in a car wreck. His mother smiles as she tells of her loving son. He touched others lives and led them to God. She doesn’t question Him she thanks Him.

Not easy when you hold them so close. She’d have a right to be angry, she isn’t.

Is anger productive?

Yes it is!

When you hear that a man in your neighborhood grabbed a little girl. You begin to look for her, any car a bush you look at ever stranger. It could be him. When the little one is found naked and dripping with blood you get angry. You drop to your knees and pray. You drop some cash in a bucket to help the little one who will no longer be able to have children. Your anger stays because she is forever changed.

John Walsh was angry. MADD is angry. DVIS is angry.

A woman was constantly being abused by her husband, after the divorce he kept at her. The police did nothing to help her. When the cop received the call he stopped to go to the bathroom and then drove over to find her exhusband stabbing her. He took the knife away and walked to his car, unlocked the trunk and put the knife away while the exhusband stomped on her. She got angry. . .laws get changed from anger.

If we are to get angry with God then we must get up and be productive.

I pray for those of you who are hurting. I don’t know how it feels to be like you but God does and He is waiting for you to grab onto Him.

Peace Be With You.


Kansas Bob said...

A very thoughtful post Milly. Here are few people in the bible who had a right to be angry:

Joseph who was sold into slavery by his family and then falsely imprisoned. He turned his anger inside out and saved a country and his family.

David who was hunted by the king of Israel even though David was the rightful king. He turned his anger inside out.. refused to take matters into his own hands.. and became king.

Somehow we have to find a way to turn our anger inside out (like John Walsh and the MADD folks) and find a way to persevere in faith.

preacherman said...

I love this post sister.
I have been angry at God many times because of my migraines and neoropathy that is insane pain. This past money I ran out of pain medication and dry heaved ove the tollet. I was just balling, crying so hard. I want this pain to stop, I want this pain to stop. My wife came in and rubbed my back and cried with me because there was nothing she could do.
Later, much later I got pain meds and relief.
I get tired of it all.
Yet I have so many blogger friends that encourage me. Like You!
I think and pray for you often.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry