Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grab a cup of coffee and share.

I want you to feel free to tell your story.
You can do it anonymously if you’d like.
I’m a firm believer that by sharing your story with others you are helping someone

So here it is:

Is it alright to be angry with God?


codepoke said...

It's alright, but it's not strong.

David gets very confused in the Psalms. He doubts God, questions Him, and even tries to provoke Him. Job gets angry with God, and he is declared righteous.

Yes, it's alright to be angry with God.

But it's a mistake of youth. After a few years and crises with God you learn that He didn't die for you just to forget you when things get tough. He endured the greatest suffering and pain in the world solely out of love. He doesn't quit loving just when things fall apart. He wants the best for you, and what He wants He gets.

The sun will rise, and His love and plan will be revealed.

Missy said...
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Missy said...

I hope so! I could be in big trouble, spending the best of my last 20 months after this relo a little angry. I think I agree with Cowboy - I'm still a youth. :)

It seems like He can take it and always walks me through it - and I always feel like He's amused and finds it a bit endearing. 'Course I'm not in the brunt of it at the moment, but it'll be back I suppose. It seems to be what I do. When I am in the midst of my anger, I'll forget everything I just said and live in panic. So I'm so grateful He's solid and faithful.

How you doin'?

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Barbara - Layla said...

I'm with Missy, I'll be in big trouble it its not alright. I wish I could say I was stronger, but I'm not. I am mad at Him pretty often :(

Lynne said...

Actually, this was a learning curve for me when i was working through some heavy abuse issues in my life. For me, learning to get angry with God was part of learning that injustice, cruelty etc weren't part of His will for me (in the sense of saying God wanted me to be abused -- I know, there's a lot of theology there I'm skating straight over the top of) :) For me, getting angry with God was actually growing in my faith to say that His character is ... and His promises are ... but my experience didn't measusre up. Getting angry with God was part of the process of finding where He was at and what His response to me was in the middle of my pain. I guess it was really a cry for justice ..

pearlie said...

For me it depends on what kind of anger it is. I do get angry but all in all I still know and acknowledge him as the sovereign God. I am reminded of what Paul quoted in Ephesians - in anger, do not sin. That in anger, I can be honest about it and voice it out to God like how David did, but in the end, still come back and tell him, "I am yours".

Kansas Bob said...

Lately I have been meditating on what it means to hope. In the past I think that I have confused hope with expectation.

Hope does not disappoint.. it does not lead you to anger - but expectation does.. almost all of the time. I may post something on this some time.

Kansas Bob said...

I got inspired Milly and jotted a few thoughts down about hope and expecation. Thanks for the motivation!