Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the Realm

Fun from Pearce and Story

I feel that I was able to delve into who I was in doing this. Yes now with their help I can save a ton of cash on therapy.

Thank you dudes!

1) Movie theater Junior Mints vs. Movie theater Goobers
Junior Mints-Chocolate and mint duh this is an easy one.
Kevin rent from Red Box for a dollar and purchase candy at Walgreens for a dollar only two bucks for a nice movie night.

2) Trip to the Beach vs. Trip to the Mountains
I love the beach and my kids could spend the day on the sand. I’m allergic to the sun so I have to give in to itching and tossing my lunch. The mountains are my pick. I wanted to hike while in Alaska. God created both but a backpack is more me.

3) Elliptical Machine vs. Treadmill
Treadmill I love to run and miss it. I’m still working on the knee.

4) Spring vs. Autumn
Both are great but autumn has the wonderful smell of leaves and rest for the earth.

5) Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate do I need to explain why?

6) Interstate vs. Scenic highway
Take the time to enjoy the road less traveled. It’s worth the journey

7) Savage tan vs. SPF50
SPF50 plus I don’t look like I’m almost 48 and I intend to keep it the way by staying out of the sun.

8) Being sad vs. Being scared
I’ve been scared a bit. ;-} In my life and it isn’t fun. Sadness is something I over come rather well.

9) 2 ten dollar bills vs. 1 twenty dollar bill
I want all of the money. But a larger bill makes you think more.

10) Birkenstocks vs. Crocks
I have crocks in 100 plus degrees they are hot so I want to try something new

11) Bad odor vs. Bad taste
I smell stinky people at work. I have fans blowing on me and at least once a day some stinky man stands in front of it. Plus some don’t worry about breath. However, I would have to taste something bad.

12) Ripped pants vs. Wet shirt
Wet shirt is easy to dry and I might win. ;-}

13) Belching vs. Flatulence
Come on a burp is easy to forgive and less embarrassing

14) Chicken salad sandwich vs. Tuna salad sandwich
Chicken salad when done right is so yummy. Walnuts, cranberries, etc. I know what I want for lunch

15) Classic styles vs. Trendy styles
Classic I’m too old to be trendy. Plus I never really was trendy. I’ve just gotta be me.

16) Old friend vs. New friend
Funny about this one both have been a blessing to me lately but the old one is a treasure to hold on to.

17) Dolphin vs. Porpoise
Dolphin I don’t know why. Could be becausse I've been closer to dolphins.

18) Water slide vs. Roller coaster
Roller coaster. I like the rush the ups and downs and the metaphor of life that comes to mind. Plus I don’t end up in a pool that other kids have warmed.

19) Jules Verne vs. Robert Louis Stevenson
Jules Verne is a must read. But I do like Stevenson.

20) Goatee vs. Soul Patch
Soul patch. So hot!

21) Being the recipient of a thoughtful gesture vs. Being the recipient of a compliment
Both are nice but when I’m given a gift I feel that I need to do something back and feel guilty when I can’t.

22) Nap on the couch vs. Nap in a hammock
Couch because a hammock means I’m sleeping outside during the day and I get sick and stuff.

23) Holidays vs. Vacation
Vacation because I get to explore a new world.

24) Aisle vs. Window
Window means I can see the world

25) Slapstick vs. Wit
Wit means you have intelligence

26) Logic vs. Emotion
You need balance on this one but I picked emotion.

27) Whipped cream vs. Cool Whip
Whipped cream taste is everything

28) High School Reunions vs. Family Reunions
I see my family a lot so high school, I was class clown, with the paper staff, yearbook photographer and assistant editor, a cheerleader (For a boy named Bill), and got along with all the groups in my class. I’d love to see them again.

29) ALF vs. ET
ALF the wit was great ET was odd.

30) Canadians vs. Australians
(Not taking sides)

31) Gifts vs. Gift Certificates
I’ve been burned so let me do the shopping and I’ll make it something special or needed.

32) Jet skiing vs. Water skiing
Because it’s a summer sport I’ll be in the cabin cooking for you folks

33) Yardwork vs. Housework
I’d love to do the yardwork but the summer is out. So it’s housework hmmm clearly I haven’t do either.

34) Ostentatious vs. Precocious
Precocious. Come on you have to know why

35) Phone call vs. Email
I love to talk. Kevin knows that. ;-} Those who encounter me at 6am know it. The guy on the help line for the cable company knows. I made him laugh. A good thing for a call center dude.
Call me.

36) Winning the lottery vs. Finding buried treasure
God let me know that I will not ever win the lottery or win at the casino. Buried treasure is an adventure. I’ll take the adventure anytime.

37) Sweating vs. Shivering
Shivering I’m a winter gal. I don't have a winter coat because I like being cold.

38) “Oh no, you di-unt.” vs. “Don’t even go there.”
“Oh no, you di-unt.” Its’ fun to say

39) Blue ink vs. Black ink
Blue is bold

40) Ukelele vs. Bag pipes
Bag pipes

41) Rainbows vs. Sunbeams
Sunbeams. I love to see them. However, sliding down the rainbow from the mist is a good thing.

42) The sound of your own voice vs. The way you look in photos
All the world is a stage and I want better lighting. The sound of me.

43) Extremely firm handshake vs. Extremely weak handshake
Firm a weak one is icky feeling

44) Runny nose vs. Nagging cough
I can blow my nose

45) Packing vs. Unpacking
Where am I going? Clearly from the way things look here packing.

46) A hole in the toe of your sock vs. A hole in the seat of your underwear
I can’t walk around with my toe poking out. I can cover my bottom with my pants and you can't see.

47) Zoos vs. Botanical gardens
Zoo. I love the Tulsa zoo it has a special place in my heart I took classes and so did my kids.

48) Trip to the dentist vs. Tax day
Dentist I’ve had a bit of work done and will need a bit more.

49) Awkward comment vs. Awkward silence
Awkward silence. Because I just made the comment and just letting it go is easier.

50) Too much Rich vs. Too little Rich
We love the Rich!

Wait a minute. Were #49 and #50 redundant?

No I said something that made everyone shut up.

Diabolical Genius said...
"Oh no, you di-unt." The first, but I'm sure not the last, preference for less Rich. This is obviously your lucky week then. ;-)Wasn't a real question. Just a thinly-veiled jab at the R-man. (Much like above.)Interesting that you prefer bad odor to bad taste, but belching over flatulence. You are an enigma shrouded in mystery and wrapped in a riddle, Milly. But the Diabolical Genius sees all.Not taking sides on Canadians vs. Australians? Hmm. So you clearly side with the Swiss then.More detailed analysis to come.


Rich said...


Thanks for playing along. I can't believe Ken hasn't come back and told you about the you within the you within the you that you are.

And since you like them, I may as well ask because I'm a little behind on the facial hair rhetoric. Is there a difference between the "soul patch" and a "flavor savor" or are they the same thing?

Anyway, great answers - and thanks again for putting it up on your site... as well as Dorkman on your Shelfari. Many, many thanks!!!

Milly said...

Is there a difference between the "soul patch" and a "flavor savor" or are they the same thing?

I have no idea. It looks like the flavor savor can be wider. But I'm not in the know on this one.

I loved the book and as soon as I free books from boxes I'm going to reread it. So No No Thank You.