Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It is unacceptable!

Nearly one in five women over the age of eighteen who are married or in a similar relationship reported being emotionally or physically abused by a male partner.

I wanted to grab a galvanized pipe today when I saw a friend’s arms. She was telling me how her husband went off on her while putting lotion on her arms. I could see his hand prints on her arms.

I could feel the rage in me grow.

Why do these men think that a bad sex night or a disagreement is a reason to hurt verbally and physically?

She’s afraid.

She’s confused.

I told her that I was the same way when I came to the conclusion that my marriage was over.
I told her that I couldn’t tell anyone for a while but that I would sit in the sound booth and cry while “G” did almost all the work. He tells me he didn’t notice.
I cried on my way to work a lot.

No one could see it.

I remember the moment that I knew I had to get out and the day I made a call for an attorney.

I think she needs to find the bottom before she gets out.

I pray the he doesn’t kill her.

I pray that she can take his words and toss them away.

It‘s hard but it can be done.

Get out and get help if you are in an abusive relationship!


Bill said...

Absolutely unacceptable. Any man who hits his wife needs to be thrown in the ring with a hungry grizzly for about 3 hours.

Then (if still alive) he needs to repent, read, memorize, and live the parts of Ephesians 5 AFTER the part about wifely submission, and pray for Jesus to wash away his sin.

So sorry.

Kansas Bob said...

Ditto what Bill said only add verbal abuse his comment.. verbal abuse is a big problem.

Thank you for posting this Milly!

mrtool said...

i would agree with you that is is unacceptable. but remember it goes both ways. i was in a marriage were i was from time to time verbally abused. most men will never admit to it but it does happen.

i do feel for you and your friend though. just the thought of my daughter ever having to face that is enough to boil the blood.

Monk-in-Training said...

abuse is never God's plan for a couple, this is so sad. It does go both ways, and that is just as wrong.

I have a friend, who I am sending this post to. She was verbally abused for years and I mean ABUSED horrifically by a local Christian leader, well respected in the community he still enjoys.

It is beyond tragic how she still defends him, after he divorced her and threw her out of her own home.

Lord, forgive us all our sins.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Milly, thank you for writing about this. Its SO IMPORTANT. And the more women who realize THEY ARE NOT ALONE will help them to reach out. I recently watches as a friend left and abusive relationship and was so proud of her...it took a long time but she finally did it. I hope your friend finds courage from your story and gets help.

BTW, you are so pretty, I love looking at your icon photo.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I just read the comments...I have a habit of reading them AFTER I comment and I wanted to add to say that Mr. Tool has a good point. Men can be abused verbally or physically. My ex bf was physically abused by his ex wife. Not because he was a wimp, but because he refused to fight back when she hit and scratched at him. He had scars from her scratching him. Just thought I'd share that. :(

Mark (under construction) said...

UNACCEPTABLE!!! - indeed.

And - very dangerous and humilating.