Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Heroes in my life

Man my son is a strong guy!

Today in PT one of the nice ladies asked how the surgeon’s visit went. I know my look to her told a lot my son explained it in such a grown up way. I want to cry scream and yell but here is this young man holding it together.

I’ve told him that he could yell and cry if he needed to when we left the doctor’s office. Yesterday after the news we met up with my dad and sister for lunch. They had questions but neither of us wanted to talk about it. The fact that he was telling her today was a good sign to me because I knew he understands what could be happening to his body. It was devastating to hear that the little white strip on the films is a sign of restricted blood flow. I don’t doubt the doctor because I hear that he is the best around. I felt speechless as I looked in the doctor’s blue eyes thinking say something better. He didn’t say that the ball is going to die for sure. Miracles I want them.

If you have the time pop over to my sis-n-law's blog to see another wonderful person God has in my life


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Your son is a brave and courageous young man, I bet he learned a lot of that from you.

I'll keep praying for his leg to have a complete healing!!!

preacherman said...

Your son is incredible.
We all have hero's in our lives which is wonderful. It gives us I believe confidence in humanity. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless sis.

Kansas Bob said...

Ditto what Barbara said Milly and amen to Miracles.. I want them for you all too!

Robert said...

yes milly hoping the miracles you pray for do come true!!! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by and commenting on my place your very kind milly :)