Thursday, March 05, 2009

I’m going to head something up at my church . . .

. . . .at some point

With this comes a confession and I confessed it last Sunday to my new/old minister. He was the associate minister but now is the lead minister because my minister stepped down for a church plant.

I want to put cardboard testimonies on in my church. U Tube it is you aren’t sure what it is. We had a time line but with the broken son, knee work, and the minister who was going to help me stepping in to the lead position it was put off.

Milly gives a sigh of relief.

My confession that led to me realizing how much I need those folks at my church and how God talks to me.

So I’m in the shower thinking of the testimonies and how powerful it is I started thinking about my testimony after all I was putting this thing together and I would need to have a good one. What could I say about me?

How has God impacted my life?

Oh snap!!!!!
Milly this isn’t about you!

Just thinking about testimonies has led me down a path of realizing how self centered I am. I’m not all bad I also thought about those in my church who have been there for me. One man in my church was stricken with a horrible painful illness, something like Preacherman suffers from. When he first came back he spotted me and smiled I walked over to him to see how he was. We shared a painful hug for him, I could see it his face but only for a brief moment. He pointed to me and said “I’ve been praying for you.” Me! Wow! This man is in pain every moment. He has small boys who are always on the move. He can’t go out and toss a ball with them because of the pain. He comes up to the booth to see me. from time to time and listens to me and gives advice. I love him and his wife. I’ve had several people tell me that they are praying for me and my children even in the face of their hardships. I know that it shouldn’t floor me I pray for them. It touches my heart.

My testimony isn’t written yet but when it is I know that it will be about God not me.

I confessed to the minister and his wife that I was thinking of me and how I could make it an impactful testimony. They laughed with me for my failings after all I'm not the only one who might go down that path of learning.

My God let me know that I was wrong for that. . . .and He loves me.


Monk-in-Training said...

Good morning, Milly

I can see how easy it is to get on the wrong path. We as humans are used to climbing, while Jesus is always descending to us. It is easy as it is all through our culture, we show pride in always trying to do more, to accomplish perform and achieve. It is very ego centric and typical of our modern civilization. I think many of us just pulled that right into the Church were we became spiritual consumers, as opposed to spiritual beings. We don't leave much room for God when we let our ego's crowd Him out.

We can only pray that He helps us be less, while He is more.

Kansas Bob said...

I want to read that testimony Milly.. I will stayed tuned!