Thursday, March 19, 2009

eight days and standing

I thought that I needed to let those who care know that I’m still out and about in this crazy world but I really don’t have much to say or time to say it.

My son is bugging me because he wants this computer and I have yet to cook dinner. Pasta so no big deal but I need to get it going.

I just finished day eight at work so I’m fried and my knee is a bit sore. I kind of lost it over one of the department heads attitude I’ve gone to the first level then the second then the third and this week’s incident sent me over the edge so I went to the next level. I must have looked rather miffed when the ASM walked by because when I said I wanted to talk to him when he had time he stopped and came right to me. He listed and assured me he’d talk to him. Today I made that same department head deal with an issue by standing my ground. The person he asked about it stood her ground so he had to do it. I doubt he did the right thing but I still stood my ground. One small win for me. :-}

Life is about knowing when to stand your ground and knowing when to walk away isn’t it?


Missy said...

Wow, Milly! You ARE superwoman. That's a lot of time on your feet already. I'm sorry some are making it a little tougher than it has to be. Keep going, girl. :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I am glad you are out and about and yes the world is crazy! I hope your knee keeps getting better and stronger each day!!!

pearlie said...

Good to know that you are still standing strong :)

Life is about knowing when to stand your ground and knowing when to walk away isn’t it?
Definitely, and not to crumple in the process. Life is hard, life is crazy.

Monk-in-Training said...

I used to live near Owen Park, where that oldest house is. Pretty amazing, eh? It is so small compared to modern, south Tulsa mansions! :)