Friday, March 20, 2009

Bits of Tulsa History

The Waterworks Art Studio

Miss Littles took an art class across from this home. I’ve grown up wondering about this place and I’m happy to see that I can take a tour of the cave house. It was said to be built as a restaurant/ speak-easy. But there is no proof because the secret door can’t be found. The place has been there since the 1920’s. I hear it’s haunted. I also hear that Pretty Boy Floyd like the place.

I don't work very far from the art studio so I took some time to explore. I'll be looking taking more photos of the places that caught my eye in the future.

This is the oldest house in Tulsa still in existence. It sure tells us how much we don't need to live.


Mark (under construction) said...

Came across here via Losing my Religion ...

I like the oldest house in Tulsa!!! Growing up in New Zealand we had quite a few early settler type homes ... I loved wandering through (which don't take too long), smelling the wood and closing my eyes and listening for noises from a by gone era.

Hey .. you have a GREAT day.

Gary Means said...

Mentioning Pretty Boy Floyd reminds me of my dad's stories growing up somewhere in the country between Tulsa and Seminole. He was born in 1931. My grandpa was born there when it was still Oklahoma Indian Territory. I've heard so many stories about the old days before the depression and early into it. Two years ago, when my dad was dying, he regaled us with tales of the old days in OK, including the 12 types of snakes on their acreage when he was young.

I came across here from Barbara's blog.