Thursday, February 12, 2009

a life time. . .

There’s a million things that I should be doing tonight.
Worship slides
house work
packing for my dad’s
talking to God
writing thank you notes
but here I am posting.....

I haven’t finished the worship slides because I haven’t started them yet. I’m not sure what the picture theme will be yet. I’ll know it when I get there.

I need to tidy up the house so that it won’t be such a chore when I am laying around.
The kids and I are hanging out with my dad for a few days while I recover a bit. He’s a good daddy and was always great at taking care of me and the kids when we were sick.
We always need our special God time.

I owe a few folks note of thanks. Some for bringing church to us one Sunday night. If you know the church that I attend the guy playing the guitar are sitting in my family room. One of my friends brought us dinner one night. And several have called and sent notes. It’s great to have a church family. If you doubt the value of having one come hang with us for a while, we’ll show you.

The biggest reason that I love my job is because I love the people and I love seeing how they react to life. The social psychology major want-a-be comes out in me . Most of the time the theater major is preforming.

One man now grumbles at me and really doesn’t look at me anymore since I turned him down for a date, I think it makes his friend happy because he smiles big when he mumbles as he walks past me. I do feel bad but now way no how.

One man seeks me out so that I can wait on him and chat. He’s a nice older man.
One man has backed off because he found out that I’m a Christian. He hasn’t asked me to seek off for an affair all week. He still talks to me a bit and they are much better conversations.

People are interesting some sad some angry like the woman who was on her cell phone the whole time I was helping her refusing to pay attention to me. I get that a lot because we are a contractor store. These guys work hard and they need to make every moment count. When one of the men’s hotdog threw up relish and onions in a big splat I felt that I should warn the woman that she was going to step in it and might fall. She turned and gave me a nasty look but I still kept on guard. She then looked at the rather large for a hotdog sized pile of relish and onions and just missed it. Sis she take the phone from her ear and thank me? Did she mouth thank you? Did she get me a thumb up? No she gave me a nasty look and walked out.

I cleaned up the mess. And yes the guy apologized and offered to clean it up himself.

Sometimes I wonder about people.

Miss Littles has a very runny nose today so we have tissues piling up. It hasn’t stopped her from roller skating all over the house. Yes I’m that kind of parent. She’s not the one who fell and broke a hip. The one running from Miss Littles did that.

I have been peeking in on ya’ll and have from time to time had a bit to say. Golly time seems to rush away from us.

I called an old friend the other day. Life hasn’t been kind to her then again she hasn’t been kind to life at times. I hate that she is so ill and that her daughter is no longer in her life. I do miss her.
I wish my friend who is embarking on a new path nothing but a great life.

A great life. . .
What is that?
It’s sorrow and love it’s life real life.
It’s sitting in front of your home and loving those in it.
It’s knowing your mistakes and being honest enough to say the out loud
It’s learning and correcting
It’s a life led by God
It’s seeking Jesus with your family and in the darkness of yourself
It’s what I have

Do you?


pearlie said...

"a great life..." wonderful thoughts - thanks for sharing - it is indeed what you said.

While you sleep, it's time for me to clean up now :)

DugALug said...

God loves color and there is no lack of it in your life Milly.

You are loved!

God Bless