Friday, February 20, 2009

From KB's Blog a bit of fun

Type into Google "______ needs" or "______ likes" with quotation marks, putting your name in the blank. Type in the first 10 "_____ needs" type statements you find.

1. Milly likes poppies (It's true I do)

2. Milly likes to play (If it isn't gonna hurt much)

3. Milly likes to rearrange her furniture and clean her whole suite daily (Bloody Heck No!)

4. Milly likes buttons, but she doesn’t like bows (Bows or too fussy)

5. Milly likes treats (yep bring um on)

6. Milly likes to come into the office to see her uncle Tony (I have an uncle Tony!)

7.Milly still likes to guess what's in each egg (I might be right someday!)

8.Milly likes to tire me (I can't help it if I'm fun)

9. Milly likes to use big words for simple ideas (It makes me seem smarter)

10. Milly's wish to do simply as she likes demands (It's true)

1.Milly needs to lose some weight and get healthier before her surgery. (Too late now)

2.Milly needs a wheelchair (Got one)

3.Milly's needs to change somethin. (Sing'n to the choir)

4.Milly needs him to avert the future war (All I am say'n is give peace a chance)

5.Milly needs to cross the line (See others agree)

6.Milly needs to be apprehended (Darn they know)

7.Milly needs is an iced coffee and a different hat, and I'd hardly notice her walking past me on the sidewalk (They won't find me now)

8. Milly needs to see the vet, sooner rather than later (Sat next to one today and had a nice conversation)


10.It's so touching to read about how you anticipate Milly's every need and make sure things (It is thank you)


Becky said...

We have 2 mutual friends now Bob and Robert so wanted to say Hi....

Kansas Bob said...

Those were really fun.. woof!