Monday, February 23, 2009

Affairs Part Twa (2)

Thanks to all for the comments but you all seemed to miss some aspects of an affair.

People cheat in different ways and suex ain’t always it.

We have the guy who gets drunk and finds a one night moment. Some will sober up and wonder what happened and how they ended up there. Some will continue to do it over and over again when they can.

One comment was that women deny the man.

Not always in fact some women enjoy it. In fact we are freer to enjoy it because of women’s rights.

Yet men still cheat.

Why do they cheat??

Because they can’t find happiness within themselves and they want their spouse to create it over and over again. When the discontent continues they find a new thing to play with. When they see what they are going to lose they may want to try again but the same thing will happen because they can’t find happiness in another they will find another woman to stroke their ego and for a brief time they will be happy until the spouse gets her fill of it.

Suex doesn’t need to be involved in this affair. The affair is about finding happiness. Some find that the home, spouse, and kids are a prison not a blessing. It’s sad that they can find a full heart when they see how blessed they are.

Even Christians have affairs. You would think that a Christian would see the blessing laid at his feet. They just don’t.

I live, for now, in a very nice home but that’s not a blessing not at all. I will soon move into a smaller home. That one will be a blessing. It’s going to be a blessing because of the love I have been given. Because I will be free of those chains of discontent from a man who couldn’t see what he had.

I think that people stray for different reasons not because they are men.

When you put yourself over your family, when you put your needs over everything that you should be holding near and dear, when you fail to put God first, you lose everyone and everything.

So folks the next time you think of straying call an attorney and ask him how much it will cost you.

And I mean honestly cost you and your children.

Then . . .

Stop using the excuses of being male. .

Pick up your bible, fall to your knees, and pray for a path to healing your relationships.


Lynne said...

couldn't agree more!
Anyone who says that it's "natural" for men to cheat needs to remember:
-- it's "natural" for people to sin. that doeswn't mean we should shrug our shoulders

-- plenty of men never cheat. Yeah, after 32 years of marriage I could write a laundry list of complaints about my husband (which wouldn't help anyone) but he's never been the slightest bit unfaithful, and that applies to the majority of guys I know, and they're not all Christians, either

-- some women cheat too -- in fact, unless an affair is between 2 men, there's a woman involved in a wrong relationship every time a man is.

-- the bible never gives men that loophole, they are supposed to stay faithful to their wives!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yes women cheat too and being male is no excuse, its BS. I hate it when I hear that as if they have a free pass to cheat just because they have a p___.

People cheat for all different reasons and its very, very sad for the ones they hurt in the process.

Christian men are not better...I know that because plenty of married Christian guys have tried to initiate something with me. It makes me mad because not only does it say they are slime but it insults me that they think I would go for it. NO WAY!

I am glad you get to have a new place to live that will be better for you.

Robert said...

you have shared very powerfully here milly I hope and pray your new home will be always a blessing You know my journey there are complexities as to why we do what we do attimes but you are right on as far as it being bs for any man to claim they have to cheat simply because they are male Denying self and turning to God are the exact actions to take thanks for being an encourager milly

Kansas Bob said...

This is magnificent Milly:

"When you put yourself over your family, when you put your needs over everything that you should be holding near and dear, when you fail to put God first, you lose everyone and everything."

Maybe selfish pride is the cause of all sin?