Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ahhh !!!!!

That’s right yesterday was a nutty day so having an uneventful day today was very nice.

I work in a home improvement store for those who don’t know. Yesterday a guy tipped a can of paint into a SCO machine. Note to dude mixing paint: The mallet is to pound the lid down. Yepper the thing was full of paint. One down. I go to lunch, eat, and come back to the mess still there. It requires special handling so I wasn’t allowed to clean it up. Note to self: Get the training. While that one was down one of the others decided to freeze. Two down. This freezes the main. A guy comes up with items with no code and presents them to me. I tell him that I can’t look it up because I have no screen. He leaves. Three down. And I should add that the frozen one is waiting for me to put a check in the printer. A woman is holding her check out for me. I can’t process it and send her to the desk. Four down. I trouble shoot the printer but that isn’t the problem. Oh and I should also add that Monday is the new black Friday. I shut the computer down on the frozen one. Sorry to those computer folks but I had to do it hard and fast. It shuts down unfreezing my main and I start untangling the mess. I called to get back up to help with the lines and didn’t get an answer so I went to hang up the phone it falls through the hanger and hits the floor. I must have laughed because those poor folks around me laugh also.

At one point I have a huge line so someone calls for back up. My HC leans over what I call the fence and said “Why is she calling for back up?” I look over and see that I am the only one with a line. We both laugh and send folks to the regular registers. Ok so one man was angry. I’m sorry but I tried to warn him that I wasn’t going to be able to help when he first came up.

On the up side one of my favorite men came over to see me. I got a quick hug and went back to work. This man is a nice Christian man who checks on me when he comes in.

After work I did what every mom has to do. I went grocery shopping at Target. I made the mistake of trying to check out. Something may or may not have gone wrong with the woman who had a huge amount of cloths and her credit application and going over and something that was going to take awhile to untangle. I grumble. I’ll admit it, I had a long day at work all I wanted to do was check out and go home to cook. Ok I really wanted to go to Starbuck’s and chat with a friend. I turn to the lady behind me and let her know it was going to be awhile, she cool with it because she was waiting for someone. I move to the register that the girl that may or may not have made the mistake telling a man to please for me go in front of me. He had a toothbrush and toothpaste so me going first was silly. The first thing that I said to the young lady who was checking me out was “It’s my fault.” She laughed and apologized. As we heard the lady complain about the girl I explained that it was my karma. We laugh about my day. I hope that she wasn’t too stressed because they were still trying to fix the problem when I left.

Lesson learned we all make mistakes from lids on cans to causing bad karma in Target. But how we treat each other is key.

No I don’t believe in karma, I just believe that we owe it to each other to be good and if you can make someone laugh in the face of their crises of the day, that is golden.

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Kansas Bob said...

You are such a great story teller Milly.. I am looking forward to reading more of your great stories in the new year.

Happy 2009 and a big amen to this.

"how we treat each other is key"

Love and Blessings, Bob